Situated five metres from the pebble beach, the Shoreline is the perfect venue no matter what the occasion and is ideally suited for functions of all sizes. Whether a family lunch, a celebratory dinner, a wedding or a corporate function this restaurant meets all requirements. The beauty of eating at the Shoreline is that the beach itself is all the décor you will need. The front of the restaurant opens out allowing you to take in the beautiful views of the beach and the sea.

Whether you are after a classic Italian coffee or a plate of satisfying comfort food, it is a great place to while away the hours in a setting that combines the comfort of being inside whilst being able to experience what is going on outside. The atmosphere is relaxed but the service is prompt and the waiters are knowledgeable. From business to bathing suits it’s all about a great dining experience. Some restaurants have great locations, others amazing food and some offer excellent service but few can boast all three – the Shoreline can.