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West Beach Bar & Kitchen

West Beach Bar & Kitchen Brighton’s West Beach Bar & Kitchen have a laid-back vibe that can't be beaten. The British Airways i360 tower is...

The Joker

The Joker Brighton The Joker Brighton is an amazing pub that's located in Preston Circus. The restaurant sits near New England Street which has many...

Ohso Social

Ohso Social Beach Bar & Restaurant Daytime at the beachfront is always a good time, but sometimes it's even better when you're basking in the...

Regency Tavern

Regency Tavern Brighton You never know what you might find at Regency Tavern. When I showed up on a Wednesday night, it was wild -...


Moshimo Brighton As far as sushi in Brighton is concerned, there is only one really good option for most of the city's residents. Moshimo Brighton has...