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Amarillo Restaurant at Drakes Hotel


Ian Swainson, Michelin starred chef and one of the best chefs in London is now bringing his world-renowned dishes to Amarillo. Diners can experience Ian’s unique talent up close with a meal at Amarillo.

Ian’s team is working hard to bring Amarillo a relaxed and fun experience without the stigma of fine dining getting in their way.

Exquisite Spanish Cuisine

Amarillo Brighton is a restaurant that seems to be one of the best in England. They offer fine dining, but at an affordable price point and casual atmosphere.
The menu has dishes divided into three categories: fish, meat, or plant-based food with each category having two to four servings for sharing plates.

You should plan on getting two appetizers, either a seafood dish or something vegetarian depending on your preferences; then choose between 2 mains and sides before deciding on dessert if you are still hungry!
This place will give you exciting experiences through little tastes so don’t overfill yourself too much!

We ordered a bavette. It was so good, my favourite cut of beef with the deep rich flavour from the burnt onion and balsamic sauce it came marinated in.
All this plus tender stem broccoli that had been cooked to perfection with an amazing bearnaise sauce which I didn’t even know existed before ordering but ended up being one of my favourites now!
And all those flavours were just complemented by some tarragon – something you might not have noticed if they hadn’t told me about it beforehand because its sweetness almost convinced me there was vanilla at play here too…

The wine list is expansive, catering to all tastes. There’s no better place for coffee than this spot too!

Mouthwatering Desserts

The tiramisu at this restaurant is particularly delicious. It’s deconstructed, but the light sponge and mascarpone cheese make it worth ordering even though you can’t eat with your hands-you’ll need a spoon for sure!
The rich salted chocolate mousse just adds to its amazing taste–I would recommend getting that as well.

If floral desserts are more what you’re looking for, then I highly suggest the syrup marinated peaches with lavender and champagne (served in an adorable glass jar).
This dessert includes surprising little jelly pops which add some fun into those otherwise dainty bites of peach.

The next time you’re in the mood for a great meal, stop by this restaurant. The quality and detail of the food are evident in both the branding, plating, settings and most importantly–the taste.
They have dishes that will make your mouth water and keep coming back again and again!


Restaurant Info

The Restaurant at Drakes reflects the same high level of excellence and quality that has made the hotel famous.

website: https://drakesofbrighton.com/restaurant

Cost: ££££

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: 43-44 Marine Parade, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1PE

GPS: 50.819992702347115, -0.13131729999999997

Phone: 01273 696934

Email: info@drakesofbrighton.com


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Opening Times

Tuesday 6–9:30pm
Wednesday 6–9:30pm
Thursday 6–9:30pm
Friday 6–9:30pm
Saturday 6–9:30pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed