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Enhancing Guest Experience: Key Business Tips for the Hospitality Sector

Enhancing Guest Experience: Key Business Tips for the Hospitality Sector

In the competitive world of the hospitality sector, the quest for excellence is not just about serving great food but delivering an experience that guests treasure. With ever-evolving customer expectations, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt and enhance their service offerings. This article delves into key strategies for elevating guest experience in the hospitality industry.

First Impressions Matter: Creating a Welcoming Environment

The journey of memorable guest experiences begins the moment they step through your doors. The ambience of your establishment sets the tone. From tasteful décor to the warmth of your greeting, every element should harmonise to create a welcoming environment. This initial impression is a powerful tool in establishing a connection with your guests and setting the stage for a positive dining experience.

Personalised Service: The Key to Memorable Experiences

In today’s hospitality landscape, personalised service is more than a luxury; it’s an expectation. Tailoring the dining experience to individual preferences shows attentiveness and care. Training your staff to recognise and anticipate guest needs can transform a good service into an unforgettable one. Whether it’s remembering a regular’s favourite dish or accommodating dietary requirements with ease, these personal touches make a significant impact.

Streamlining Operations: Efficiency Behind the Scenes

Efficiency is the backbone of any successful restaurant. Streamlining operations, from kitchen management to front-of-house coordination, ensures smooth service delivery. This involves everything from optimising the layout for ease of movement to implementing effective communication systems among staff. Efficient operations not only improve the customer experience but also enhance staff morale and productivity.

Guest Safety First: Integrating Health and Safety Seamlessly

Ensuring guest safety is paramount. This goes beyond basic compliance and requires integrating health and safety into the fabric of your business operations. Investing in comprehensive health and safety courses for your staff not only demonstrates your commitment to guest welfare but also equips your team with the knowledge to handle emergencies effectively. A safe environment is a cornerstone of a trustful guest relationship.

Adapting to Technology: Leveraging Digital Tools for Enhanced Service

The integration of technology in the hospitality sector has been a game-changer. From digital menus to online reservation systems, technology can streamline service, reduce wait times, and offer convenience to your guests. Moreover, embracing tech solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling a more tailored dining experience.

Feedback and Improvement: Learning from Guest Reviews

In an age where online reviews can make or break a business, listening to customer feedback is crucial. Encouraging guests to share their experiences and taking their feedback seriously can be a powerful tool for improvement. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows that you value customer input and are committed to evolving your service.


In conclusion, enhancing guest experience in the hospitality sector involves a multifaceted approach. From creating inviting spaces and offering personalised service to prioritising guest safety and embracing technology, each aspect plays a vital role in building a successful brand. By continuously learning from feedback and engaging with the community, restaurants can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, paving the way for long-term success and a loyal customer base. In this ever-evolving industry, those who adapt and innovate will thrive.

How To Choose The Right Brighton Restaurant

How To Choose The Right Brighton Restaurant

Brighton is a famous city for its beach. It is therefore not surprising that most of its restaurants are facing it. It only makes it that much more difficult to choose though, when you have a special event to celebrate or when you simply want to eat well. Here are a few elements that you need to take in account as you do your research for the ultimate location where to eat in Brighton.

Trust Those Who Know

When you read commentaries online about restaurants, you will quickly understand that most of the time, whether the comment is good or not, it has to do with something personal. The harshest ones usually relate to a service that wasn’t satisfactory and even rude, while the most complimentary ones include a warm welcome. Individuals who post online all have their own reasons to do so. However, travel guides that have a long experience, can actually compare all the establishments as objectively as possible. Since they come back every year to taste the food and study how guests are treated, they can provide a much better analysis of restaurants than anyone else. It is their job to so, after all.

Look At The Menu and Prices

The first reason why you go to a restaurant is to eat well. Yes, the décor may be magnificent and the view unique, but if you leave and you are not satisfied with what was served on your plate, you will never come back, no matter what the environment felt like. Therefore, the first thing that you need to look at is the menu. Even if a restaurant is known to be the best in the city, if they don’t serve a meal that you like, you will be at a loss when it comes time to making a decision on what to eat.

The price should never be the reason why you visit a restaurant, but it certainly should be taken in consideration. Some people believe that when the prices are high, it means that the restaurant serves quality food. You will find out that in most cases higher prices means that they have invested more on the location itself, and not on the quality of the food that they serve. Extremely low prices are usually an indicator that it is best to look somewhere else, though that is not always true. Finally, find a restaurant that is in your price range. Otherwise, you will have to choose the meal that costs less on the menu or you will leave the restaurant still hungry.

Look At Pictures

The beauty of Internet is that you can find anything that you may want, including pictures of restaurants where you are thinking of going to. That is true about establishments in Brighton as well. When you find images, take a look at what is in the plates that they serve, first. Secondly, search for pictures of the room. As strange as it may seem, there may be a lot less of this second category. If you can’t find any: Move on. If the feeling that the pictures instil in you is satisfying, then call and make a reservation.

How Can You Get More People Into Your Restaurant in 2023?

How Can You Get More People Into Your Restaurant in 2023?

If you’re running a restaurant in 2023, it can be hard to be seen out there. Foot traffic has gone down since the embracing of the internet shut a lot of high street stores, and Covid did a lot to deter people from eating out again with an over-reliance on the ease of food delivery apps.

What you need to do is to entice the masses with a thought out restaurant marketing strategy, and there are a lot of ways you can go about that. Take a look at our suggestions for getting more eyes on your restaurant and more people through the door.

Upgrade Your Business Website

But all the social media marketing in the world is of no use if no one knows who you are. If customers are searching for “restaurants near me” you want to be at the top of that list. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO can be confusing and full of jargon, so your best bet is to hire a provider who is familiar with the region, such as the Whoo SEO Brighton agency, to help you rank more competitively in Google searches.

And then there is your website itself. Business websites can be a great help to restaurant customers. Where other industries can offer you only a bit of basic information about the company, restaurant websites can offer customers a booking forum for reservations, a glance at the menu and its prices, and even a What’s On schedule for the nights when you have a guy with a guitar entertaining or a dinner theatre event coming up.

Studies have shown that having an online booking system showing availability increases bookings by 41% than requiring contact to check for availability. In addition, online ordering could open up a whole new customer based for collections and deliveries.

Nail Your Social Media Marketing

The best way to market your restaurant is through social media platforms. It’s accessible, it’s affordable, and it’s far more effective than traditional means of restaurant marketing strategies.

More and more people are consulting social media before they make any sort of decision, and that includes where they want their next date night or brunch. So open that Instagram account, post weekly updates on anything happening in the premises, and post photos of your food.

And remember the Martha Stewart rule: it’s easy for even the best dishes to look unappetising with an iPhone camera. If you’re going to post food photos, make sure they’re done by someone who knows what they’re doing, or read up on photography yourself. A DIY approach isn’t going to be appreciated here and might even put people off. Your pictures need to show the culinary feast on offer, and entice your potential customers to dine on your gourmet offerings.

Customers want an experience on a meal out

Offer Themed Nights/Special Events

A special event night is a great way to get people in the door, and those people may well turn into regulars. You might look at your restaurant and think “That’s not really the vibe we’re going for”. Sure, maybe the idea of a pub quiz or a comedian doesn’t suit your more sophisticated approach, but you have options to entertain those repeat loyal customers.

Offer a one off special menu that allows your chef to get creative and break from the norm, or swap out the guy with a guitar for a piano player. Offer speed dating in a romantic venue or wine tasting. There are lots of options out there to bring in some new customers.

And, if you do consider yourself a place where everyone gets the chance to chat, you have all these options and more. DIY cocktail hour, karaoke night, charity events, and a million more options.

Another great way to spruce up your restaurant is to host nights with a theme. You could pick a specific type of cuisine and offer a special menu or drink specials. Or, you could pick a certain era or decade and decorate the restaurant to match. The possibilities are endless.

You could even have a rotating theme night and change it up every month. Not only would this keep people coming back, but it would also give your staff more exciting opportunities to explore different types of cuisine and drinks. It could even become a fun competition for your chefs, bartenders, and servers to see who can come up with the most creative and delicious dishes and drinks.

We hope these restaurant marketing ideas have given you food for thought for how you can increase the dining experience of your menu items.


The Gingerman Restaurant

The Gingerman Restaurant

The Gingerman Restaurant

In 1998, Brighton chef Ben McKellar opened a small yet intimate restaurant close to the seafront. With an emphasis on crafting quality food from fresh and high-quality seasonal produce that is sourced locally for maximum flavour. The Gingerman offers top-notch service alongside fantastic dishes created with love! This place is one not to be missed when you are visiting here for a vacation or business trip because of its impeccable service and fantastic flavours!

The new and improved Gingerman has a host of changes, from its fresh brand to the restaurant’s newly updated layout in a whirlwind of PR hype. The menu is now full of more than just old favourites – it also offers some trendy dishes that are sure to be hot in culinary circles for years to come!

The exterior looks refreshed with clean lines and bold colours, while inside they’ve created an atmosphere that feels like home without being too stuffy or formal. From the way our drinks were set down right away by a friendly waiter who made us feel welcome as soon as we stepped through the door, I knew this was going far beyond my expectations


The Gingerman is the perfect embodiment of Brighton. Nothing pretentious!

They offer dishes that are sure to please every foodie. The restaurant has a cool vibe and the atmosphere matches it with its modern but vintage feel. From the menu to the dishes, and even in our drinks – it’s clear that this is not your average restaurant. From adventurous tastes to a chill atmosphere… I’m sold!

So, we started on a great foot with this silky cauliflower velouté. The bacon crumbs are totally making it trendy!

A great dining experience

The food was very satisfying and everything tasted fresh. Of course, they also have some more rustic starters on the menu like stuffed cabbage with chicken which I’m sure will satisfy anyone who likes their veggies hearty!

The main course was a surprise. On the menu, the word ‘hare’ gave me a big smile, and I knew when it arrived that there would be no complaints from me. The meat has such an earthiness that you’ll never forget once eaten. Served in Alsatian style with cabbage and dumplings, this dish was so filling! This wasn’t something you find often at other places so we enjoyed our food immensely.

We had a panna cotta and souffle for dessert, which was quite perfect. With ice cream on top of the dish, this dessert couldn’t be better! The meal ended on a high note.

Good Selection of Wines

I was pleasantly surprised by the wine selection for all courses. I’m no expert, but Bibendum wines are curated and selected with care – a mark of excellence! Their Italian selections were joined by a local estate wine. My favourite? That would be their sweet Moscato d’Asti which is perfect on its own or paired with a dessert.





The Gingerman philosophy is to create uncomplicated, full-flavoured food, made from the freshest, highest quality seasonal produce.


The Gingerman offers an excellent dining experience. The food and atmosphere are great, not to mention the service! It’s hard to find places like this that don’t appear pompous or stuffy. Great value for what you pay!

The room had a soothing atmosphere that made me feel relaxed and comforted, the staff was always cheerful which I thought to be very welcoming.



When you’re in Brighton, it’s hard to find a restaurant with genuine character. The Gingerman is one of the few that has what matters most: personality and charm. It’ll be going on my list for sure!





Restaurant Info

Intimate Modern European restaurant with fixed-price 2 or 3-course seasonal menus.

Website: https://gingermanrestaurant.com/

Cost: £££

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery

Address: 21A Norfolk Square, Brighton BN1 2PD

GPS: 50.82415176461781, -0.15523193068799856

Phone: 01273 326688

Email: ben@gingermanrestaurants.com

Social Media



Opening Times

Wednesday 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm
Thursday 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm
Friday 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm
Saturday 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm
Sunday 12–3pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm

The Best Sussex Golf Clubs with 5-Star Food

The Best Sussex Golf Clubs with 5-Star Food

Everyone knows that the best golf experience includes both stunning views and great food. In this post we take a look at some of the top golf courses in Sussex which also have 5-star food, so you can enjoy the experience to its fullest.

We know that it’s not just about the 18 holes and your final score. The total package – including drinks, snacks and meals – is what really makes or breaks a round of golf. If you’ve been searching for local courses with yummy grub, read on to see where we recommend getting your greens on without sacrificing taste. Experts Golf Holidays Direct give us their the top picks for excellent service in Sussex when it comes to lunch or dinner after playing 18 holes of challenging golf in spectacular scenery.

The View

Seaford Head Golf Course’s The View is a fine dining establishment and pub. This Seaford, East Sussex establishment offers visitors terrific vistas and a unique perspective of Seaford Town and Seaford Beach from the 18th hole.

The View is the perfect location to dine with friends and family and admire the fantastic view. We serve a wide selection of Sunday roasts, afternoon teas, and at certain weekends, afternoons, and evenings, The View provides a fascinating and diverse range of local staged activities and entertainment.

Many golfers make The View their meeting place with like-minded enthusiasts, or take golfing lessons at The View and Seaford Head Golf Course, to challenge one of Britain’s great historical golf courses.

Trip Advisor Review – “We are so glad we decided to book here for our family lunch. An excellent classical guitarist provided background music, and the venue was pretty full. The staff were attentive. The star of the show was the food. Lovely thick cuts of beef, yummy nut roast, veg cooked to perfection.”


All are welcome at Cowdray Golf’s The 19th Hole Restaurant, not just golfers. Breakfast, lunch, and brunch are available seven days a week. During the summer months, they encourage you to dine on the terrace and enjoy views of Cowdray Ruins and the South Downs.

Their team of chefs creates their menus, which offer a wide range of scrumptious dishes, including ther famous Full English breakfast and Cowdray burgers with triple-cooked chips. Their menus are open for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Golf has been played on our magnificent course for more than a century. Viscount Cowdray owns the club, which is a proprietary company. Their primary goal is to provide top-notch amenities and service. Membership is vital to us, although they welcome all visitors regardless of whether they are golfers.

Trip Advisor Review – “Stayed for one night following shooting lesson at Hownhalls ( who recommended the golf lodges in the first place!) quality accommodation, very reasonably priced and excellent breakfast! No more to say!”

Mid Sussex Golf Club

Mid Sussex Golf Club touts itself as ‘more than just a golf course’ in Ditchling, Sussex. It’s recently upgraded bar, lounge, and dining facility offer some of the best services in the area for customers and members.

Famous for its Sunday Carvery, the restaurant was completely refurbished in 2011. Now the lounge and dining room now is a relaxed and comfortable environment to wine and dine. The restaurant is available for a full and comprehensive menu 7 days a week.

Mid Sussex Golf Club was founded in 1995, after renowned course architect David Williams and former European Open winner Andrew Murray collaborated on its design. Sussex Senior Open and other County competitions and events have been lucky to be hosted at such a high-quality course since then.

Trip Advisor Review – “The Sunday carvery was one of the best I have ever had. The service was incredible and very helpful. My friend is celiac and they catered very well for her including making her a gluten free cauliflower and cheese dish. We will certainly be back and would definitely recommend.”

Dale Hill

There are many choices to dine at Dale Hill, whether you want to relax and enjoy an afternoon tea or have an evening meal at Wealden View Restaurant, where the Head Chef and his skilled team prepare AA Rosette award-winning food.

You could also enjoy an afternoon tea in The Lounge, or a pint and a game of pool while catching up on sports scores at the Clubhouse Bar. Also, feel free to stop by the Orangery where you can get a tasty snack or refreshing drink in addition to having a nice meal. The Orangery is a wonderful spot to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can dine on the roof terrace of the 18th hole of the Old Course, which overlooks the Sussex downs, or have a meal where you can see them.

Golf breaks at Dale Hill Hotel & Golf Club in East Sussex are a wonderful experience, no matter your skill level or the amount of time you have to play. Their Old Course and Ian Woosnam Course provide a challenging play. The beautiful 1066 countryside surrounds them, making their golf breaks an exciting experience.

Trip Advisor Review – “Staff friendly and can’t do enough for you. Choice of food and beverages is very impressive. Food was cooked well and portions generous – no soggy veg! Rooms excellently appointed, spacious and pristine.”

East Sussex National

The golf course is home to two restaurants which are the Pavilion Restaurant and the Huntington Restaurant. The Pavilion Restaurant provides amazing views of the Sussex Hills, matched only by our delicious dishes. They serve both local and classical cuisine, made with ethically-sourced, fresh ingredients exclusively from local suppliers. The East Sussex National Resort is also home to the Huntington’s Restaurant. It provides a stunning vista across the finish of both the East and West golf courses.

Ancient oak trees, calm pools, and rippling streams make up the par 72 West Course, which stretches 7,154 yards. The East Course is a stadium layout measuring 7,081 yards, designed for tournament play. It has played host to numerous UK and international competitions, including twice for the European Open Championship.

Trip Advisor Review – “Hey East Sussex National FOR ALL OF YOU WITH GREAT GREAT LOVE FROM ICELAND 🇮🇸 Great Great service from the restaurant and bar. Great team on the Bar. Great Golf course, The food delicious. We want to back this year.”

Best Golf Destinations with Great Food Choices

Best Golf Destinations with Great Food Choices

If you’re looking for a bit of culinary variety when you’re visiting one of these cities or countries, then look no further. Golfers and foodies alike will appreciate some of the ideas and suggestions below about where to go for your next golf holiday where you can have a perfect golfing experience along with tasting the best local food at only the best restaurants.

Girona, Spain

Girona lies on the Costa Brava and is one of Spain’s oldest cities. This location is excellent for learning about Spain’s culture and history while dining at fine restaurants and cafes. The city is divided into two sections; the old city and the new city.

The Plaça de la Independència and Plaça de Sant Feliu in the newer section of the city are bustling nightlife spots, as well as being home to ancient Força Vella fortress remnants and other Gothic architecture in the old city. In addition to there being lots to do and see in Girona, the restaurants of the city are renowned for serving traditional Catalan dishes. With a wide variety of options, you will never have to leave hungry.

The golf at PGA Catalunya resort is outstanding, but what makes this location so great is the excellent food. Located near Girona, this resort features two wonderful courses, one of which – the Stadium course – is one of the top 50 Spanish golf courses. The resort’s world-class golfing facilities are just down the road, and other fantastic golf courses are nearby, providing both fantastic golfing and Spanish culinary, cultural, and historical experiences.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is home to many festivals and events throughout the year, and it is a wonderful cultural experience. You can really get a feel for traditional Portugal here.

Having Lisbon as a base enables you to discover the city’s historical landmarks and diverse culture as well as sample some traditional Portuguese cuisine, which usually includes a wide assortment of fresh seafood, including lobsters, shrimp, clams and shellfish. You can dine on fresh fish and other Portuguese favourites at numerous cafés and restaurants in Lisbon, where you can also hear Fado music and see the city’s historic architecture. You must try Caldo Verde, a soup made of vegetables and sausage or pasteis de Belem, a kind of custard tart, in addition to the fish dishes.

You can enjoy both golf and food in Lisbon, as there are several resorts within one hour drive of the city. Aroeira I and II courses are great golfing courses that are close by and Cascais and Estoril are two great coastal resort options that are a short drive away from the city. When planning a golf trip, it should definitely be on every avid golfer’s to-do list to check out top Portugal golfing offers.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai possesses a variety of areas and destinations that all provide excellent food choices. When you next visit Dubai, you must try several of the Gulf and Middle Eastern dishes, which are popular.

There are both common and unfamiliar dishes to sample here, ranging from falafel and hummus to al harees and esh asarya. It is important to come here with an open mind about what you will eat, or you may be surprised or turned off by some of the more unusual dishes on offer.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s best golf courses and hotels such as Els, Faldo, Montgomerie and Tiger, in addition to offering excellent food. This is yet another fantastic place to have a golf break where you can enjoy excellent food and golf.

South Africa

In addition to offering their own distinct attractions and cultures, South Africa’s provinces are united by excellent cuisine. Rovos Rail’s nine-day excursion through South Africa or a stay in a hotel will allow you to enjoy some excellent and unique golf courses as well as beautiful food and drink.

When visiting South Africa, you must try boerewors, a sausage, and bobotie, a minced meat dish with spices. The South Africans not only take pride in their cuisine but also in their wines, which should always be drunk with their food. A proper South African meal will dazzle your taste buds, and a fine South African wine should certainly be served with it.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful spots on earth with its incredible sights, sandy beaches and nature reserves, and it’s also one of the most exciting places to play golf. Don’t forget that the golf here is world-class, with exclusive, stunning views and meticulously cared-for courses.

It would be difficult to choose which province offers the best golf courses since all of them are excellent! This is an excellent location for a golf holiday and a place where you can experience the beautiful things in life.

Isaac At

Isaac At

Isaac At

There’s a new kid on the block in Brighton, and what an adorable little restaurant it is. Hidden away down Gloucester Street you’ll find Isaac At – well and truly tucked away but no matter because we found this charming eatery with its award-winning concept of fine dining! In their sixth year trading they treated us to nothing short of spectacular food from beginning to end, so don’t miss out if you’re keen for something undeniably special.


Culinary treats

With a beautiful presentation of the menu, it looks as if they are wrapped up in twine and have an emphasis on sourcing quality ingredients locally. They also provide information about how far their food has travelled to arrive at your plate by listing down the miles for all of their ingredients on every dish! As we ate our meal that evening, each course was noticeably delicious because everything just tasted so fresh with these high-quality local ingredients served beautifully plated.

You could spend hours reading the menu, but we’ll spare you some time. The first page is a list of dishes with just their main ingredients; that way if you’re looking for something in particular like say chicken and rice then all you have to do is scroll down until it pops up.

Next, there’s an ingredient list which tells where every single thing on this menu came from–the freshest produce has been sourced locally while spicier things come over here from other countries!

Last comes drinks- even though everything at this restaurant will leave us feeling satisfied, sometimes people need more than water to wash away those heavy flavours they’ve had throughout the night so make sure not to miss out on what goes well with every food: wine!

The food at this restaurant is a work of art. Expect to see dishes that are vibrant, seasonal, creative and unique with the main focus on organic origins. Examples of what you may find on their menu include Baked Cauliflower (seasonal), Roast Chicken & Chestnut Mushroom (creative) or Scallops w/ Horseradish & Apple Sauce(unique). The result will be delicious!

Isaac At crew has been hard at work with their latest endeavour – The Sussex Flight Pairing Menu! With this new addition, there are wines for each course paired alongside one another on their tasting menus, which includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. It’s not just about what goes in your mouth but also how it pairs flawlessly with every bite throughout the meal.

At Isaac At, chefs prepare all food in front of diners in their newly extended open kitchen. This creates a more lively and unique atmosphere without compromising on the quality or taste of your meal! All staff members are experienced from a young age which is why you’ll find they know what it takes for exceptional service.


Inside Isaac At

Isaac At is a restaurant worth coming back to again and again. It’s intimate, with tables laid out neatly in the space; there are cutlery stands on every table, which means you won’t need to ask for any more silverware throughout your stay.

The décor is homey and welcoming, making you feel like family the moment that you walk through. The televisions in the corners of your favourite diner always give it a certain charm – but these are even better because they show different angles from around the kitchen!

Visitors to the restaurant can be seated at a small table by the pass for up to two guests. This is an awesome way of watching chefs in action, and you’ll feel like you’re part of it all!


A delightful dining experience

The environment at Isaac At is perfect. The team works together cohesively and effortlessly all evening, seamlessly weaving around each other in the open kitchen with ease. It’s quite a show!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a restaurant with such an ardent dedication to using only the highest quality local ingredients. Their dishes are always fantastic, and they have so many offerings, it’s hard for me to decide which one is my favourite!

I am always excited whenever I dine here because there are new items on their menu that make you want to try everything all at once!

Although the menu changes weekly, it’s always worth checking out. They cater for all dietary requirements and provide vegetarian and vegan menus as well!

Among the coolest treasures of Brighton is Isaac At. Here, I’ve seen high standards, a variety of cuisines, and inventiveness in the kitchen, so it’s great that they’re receiving recognition for all their hard work!

The food is out of this world. From the appetizer to dessert, it was some of the best I have ever eaten and will be coming back for more very soon!


Restaurant Info

Calm Scandinavian-style dining room for a menu of local and seasonal British fine dining dishes.

Website: https://www.isaac-at.com/

Menu: https://www.isaac-at.com/sample-menu/

Cost: £££

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery

Address: 2 Gloucester St, Brighton BN1 4EW

GPS: 50.82704398640245, -0.136146

Phone: 07765 934740

Email: info@isaac-at.com

Social Media




Opening Times

Wednesday 6–10pm
Thursday 6–10pm
Friday 6–10pm
Saturday 12–3pm, 6–10pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed

64 Degrees

64 Degrees

64 Degrees

Brighton has been on a real foodie run lately with new restaurants popping up. 64 Degrees is the latest hotspot for all you culinary enthusiasts in town, and it’s not your average spot. It is one for those real food nerds to sink their teeth into with its exquisite food and plethora of wines available by the glass or bottle.

64 Degrees has a fresh and easy vibe that is worth checking out. They are located in the heart of town, so you don’t have to worry about driving too far or getting lost; they’re just right down the block from everywhere else! The menu changes every day depending on what’s available at markets.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and is always buzzing. There are many fresh seafood dishes on the menu, so it’s no wonder that booking is a must here!

The small, intimate location of 64 Degrees is perfect for a date or catching up with an old friend. The central kitchen maximizes the space and allows you to watch the chefs whip together some delicious plates while sharing in conversation at this quaint eatery located in Brighton’s historic lanes.

The restaurant is just a short walk away from the station and pier, making it easy for you to enjoy your meal on such lovely days.



“Small” concept

The space and menu are sophisticated and intimate – a quiet respite from the bustling street. There are only 27 covers on offer with 12 items to choose from for every dish-bound diner. The delicacy of each course means that you’ll have plenty of time to chat in between courses if need be; it also helps explain why this is such an exclusive place where reservations are highly recommended.

The vibe at this restaurant is very casual and the food reflects that. You can eat here for lunch and have a drink or two with friends, order some small plates to share, watch as they are prepared from your seat in front of an open kitchen – you might even catch a celebrity coming through!

I love that about graze dining because then we get time for all our senses to be stimulated by each dish – taste buds delighting at every flavour burst- eyes feasting upon colours while nose takes in scents wafting through the air…

Each plate is carefully constructed and thoughtfully composed with an exotic ingredient to go alongside the normal ones. There’s a twist of something new, yet familiar in every bite that leaves you wanting more after each taste.



Wonderful dining atmosphere

The small space is filled with a loud, but perfect amount of noise from the plates, clanking together and the open kitchen. The lighting provides an intimate atmosphere to eat in.

The best seat is at the bar, where you’ll find yourself opposite the chefs with a front-row view of their culinary skills. If your partner’s anything like mine and has nothing interesting to say about anyone or everything under the sun, this provides an easier way for us both not to be bored out of our minds when we’re together!

Who wants to eat in silence? With this restaurant, you literally can’t. It’s up to you if this is an enjoyable, interactive experience or a distressing one.

A unique restaurant tucked away in the Brighton Lanes, serving tasting menus at an open kitchen.

The dishes are cleverly designed and stir up all your senses with their fragrant aromas that will tantalize any foodie’s taste buds!



64 Degrees menu

The dinner menu is simple, but this simplicity allows the chefs to flex their creative muscles. There are four fish dishes, four vegetarian dishes and 4 meat-based options that you can choose from for your main course. The description of each dish sounds so delicious!

Fish lovers will be happy to know that there are satisfying dishes on offer here; vegetarians too have more than enough choices (there should even be something for those who don’t eat any type of animal product); carnivores also won’t feel left out as they enjoy some succulent steak or freshly caught lobster tail grilled.

The veggie dishes are just as delicious and memorable. There aren’t many places that offer a good, inexpensive wine list. At 64 Degrees, prices are affordable and the drinks don’t make you feel silly at all! They have a vast selection of beers for those who prefer that as well as some bubbly cocktails if it so happens your boss has invited people from out-of-town or something like that.

64 degrees feels pretty nice here without having to worry about buying expensive bottles every time someone says “let’s go get dinner somewhere fancy.”



An excellent choice

One of its most appealing features is that it’s unpretentious and accessible to all. Even though there is a lineup of talented chefs, its rustic industrial décor, and its abundance of kitchen gadgets-it doesn’t have an elitist vibe at all. The chefs are serious and focused, but lighthearted when they’re not in “the zone.”

I saw people from different age groups around my table talk excitedly with one another over their dishes or cosy away at smaller tables for themselves and get into what they were eating too!

This restaurant is a must-try if you’re looking to experience some of the best cuisines in town. The atmosphere here is hip and cool, but not too flashy or loud that it’s unfriendly for those seeking peace and relaxation during their mealtime; just make sure your voice doesn’t carry as this place tends to get busy!



Restaurant Info

Innovative, eclectic small-plate dining in a sleek, industrial-style space with an open kitchen.

Website: https://64degrees.co.uk/

Menu: https://64degrees.co.uk/menu/

Cost: £££

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: 53 Meeting House Ln, Brighton BN1 1HB

GPS: 50.8217385667196, -0.14090311534399927

Phone: 01273 770115

Email: info@64degrees.co.uk

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Opening Times

Wednesday Closed
Thursday 6–9:30pm
Friday 12–2:30pm, 6–9:30pm
Saturday 12–2:30pm, 6–9:30pm
Sunday 12–2:30pm, 6–9:30pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Brighton’s booming baked goods industry is a great boon for the city. For carb junkies like me, this is AMAZING! My morning commute to work includes a stop by a bakery for breakfast every day. I feel as if I’m in heaven! You can satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings at The Flour Pot Bakery.


This is a perfect place for all your fresh bread needs. With fresh-baked bread and pastries every day and a selection of homemade sandwiches available at all times, they provide a valuable service not only for Brighton but for everyone fond of desserts too!

Their chocolate croissants are to die for, but their savoury breakfast sandwich will knock you out of bed in the morning – it has bacon AND egg on it so what could be better?




The Flour Pot Bakery invites you into their modest Brighton Beach shop where you can experience the love and passion they started with. With time, they have expanded, and today, you can find them elsewhere in town, cooking up delicious sandwiches on freshly baked sourdough or rye that’ll blow your mind!


Daily loaves of bread and desserts

The Flour Pot Bakery is where you can indulge in all your pastry cravings. Sure, you can find all sorts of sugary treats in supermarkets but there’s something about walking into a bakery that just feels more welcoming than anywhere else. It creates this feeling of homey comfort inside as soon as you walk through their doors with everything they have for sale displayed right up front so it’s easier to browse and see what suits your taste buds best without any hassle at all!



Plus, whether or not we’re talking about doughnuts here or some other sweet treat- their prices are always fair which means everyone can afford them no matter how much money they may make on an average day!

There’s bread, croissants, and more at these places! They also have vegan-friendly options, so you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.




Menu selections for breakfast and lunch

This breakfast is not for the faint of heart. You can have your bun either filled with sausage, Portobello mushroom or egg topped off with Hillbilly Sauce and then add on top some ketchup mixed in as well! This dish will be sure to start getting you energized before a long day at work.

In the mood for something lighter? You can’t go wrong with their Bircher Muesli options, whether you want honey-sweetened or fruit variations.

If you’re trying to explore the city on a tight lunch break, then this is your spot. Their freshly baked sandwiches will keep you satisfied for hours as they offer just what every hungry tourist needs-a quick meal before hitting the streets and bouncing from one museum or art gallery to another!

After that, you can enjoy a cup of Small Batch coffee. Or try one of their speciality drinks like the Matcha Latte or Hazelnut Mocha Espresso! At this place, there are always new items on the menu and many options to choose from. You could go from catching up to friends or having lunch while people watching and enjoying a well-lit seating area that provides enough space for everyone!



Boho Gelato: The Best in Brighton

Boho Gelato: The Best in Brighton

Boho Gelato: The Best in Brighton


Brighton is one of the world’s most famous seaside towns, and it has a reputation for being pretty darn laid back. But if you’re looking to be wowed by some awesome ice cream flavours – then we’ve got just the thing! Boho Gelato offers unique varieties of gelato (including vegan).

For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, Boho Gelato is one of Brighton’s go-to ice cream destinations in Pool Valley. They’ve been around for several years and are known to have the best gelatos on earth!


Pool Valley is the new hip place to go. You can buy a pair of exclusive handmade shoes, get some great ice cream and enjoy an afternoon tea in one quaint little street! Boho Gelato brings the street up yet another notch with its vibrant colours on display for all passersby to enjoy!

Founder Seb Cole was enthralled by the taste of gelato while visiting Italy. After spending some time there, he decided to use his skills in mixology and create a place where people could indulge their palate with great tasting ice cream flavours that are made fresh daily. He is not Italian, but he sure can produce some authentic gelato that tastes like the ones you’ll find in Italy.

Boho Gelato is always busy in the summer. You might think the queue is out of the door, but it’s worth waiting for. It can be hard to pick a favourite flavour since flavours change frequently depending on what’s happening in the town like holidays or concerts, but there are always the classics like chocolate and pistachio!

What we love about it!

The perfect summer day is spent at the beach or in your backyard, and there’s nothing more refreshing than a scoop of cold gelato.

Italy is known for its gelato, and Boho Gelato brings that taste to Brighton.

When I first arrived in Brighton, one of the things that caught me by surprise was how different their gelato is. It’s less intense than normal ice cream and it has a light texture that pairs well with any flavour you choose to try!

Handmade Italian style Ice Cream

A cool, casual place to grab a tasty treat on the go is Boho Gelato. It’s refreshing and perfect for those hot summer days when it just feels like you’re melting into your chair at work – not anymore with this great looking gelato shop in Brighton that will satisfy all our cravings. Several of their innovative flavours, such as Olive Oil (a traditional Italian flavour) or Carrot Cake are worth trying out too; they might become new favourites!

If your taste buds have not already been satisfied by the rich, creamy gelato flavours of Boho Gelato’s so-called “normal” ice cream selection, then you can delve into their vegan menu and experience a whole new level of flavour! There are one hundred ever-changing options in this category alone. Here is one of my favourites – Peanut Butter Caramel Sorbet.

After trying a vegan Pornstar Martini sorbet, I had to try the After Dinner Mint flavour because it still tasted amazing. I savoured each mouthful of these sweets, to my satisfaction. With an elated smile on my face and food in hand for all of you vegans out there: this is what’s possible!

If you love exploring new flavours, this is the place for you. The Amarena cherry has been selling like hotcakes but if anyone else wants to try out some of our braver options, they’ll be more than happy to offer anyone a sample!

Ice cream on the beach or a tub at home is pure bliss on a hot day. This ice cream shop is a definite favourite of ours!



A few more highlights

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to commemorate any special occasion, why not give the person you love their own custom gelato? Seb has crafted flavours that are available in larger quantities and can be delivered straight to your door. A wonderful birthday gift, or something nice and sweet for yourself.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Seb has perfected the art of crafting bespoke gelato. And, you can’t go wrong with their unique flavour combinations made from locally sourced Sussex milk and their cutting-edge ice cream vertical machine!

The gelato cups have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The interior is inviting and perfect for adults as well as children with a few tables, chairs and high bar stools where you can watch the action or just relax after an eventful day at work. And have you seen how beautifully decorated it is?! You won’t be disappointed if you visit here soon 🙂

There is no limit to what the staff can create. Often they try out new ideas based on feedback they receive from customers, giving you a unique experience every time!

The Gelato flavours are constantly changing and it’s always a surprise what you might find. You could stumble across anything from Liquorice to Pink Champagne!

When I tried the Battenberg Cake flavour gelato, I was flooded with memories of my childhood. Nan used to have a slice of cake prepared for me on arrival at her house, this memory, filled my mind again.