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Brighton’s Best Pancakes

Brighton’s Best Pancakes

Brighton’s Best Pancakes

What are the most popular breakfast foods nowadays? Well, you can’t go wrong with pancakes! I mean, come on people. Pancakes need to be your best friend because they’re so good and always ready for anything; although admittedly there is certain artistry that needs to happen when stacking them up.
The pancake world has evolved too- thin crêpes served topped with lemon juice and sugar were once considered as “the apex of flavour perfection” but now our tastes have grown more sophisticated (but don’t worry–pancakes never disappoint).
Pancakes are one of life’s most satisfying meals. The sweet smell of pancakes is like a siren’s call for most people who know what the word “indulgence” means. However, no matter how many variations there are out there these sweet treats never fail to satisfy our need for sugary goodness!
From the crispy outer layer to the soft, fluffy centre they satisfy all your cravings and give you an excuse to go a little bit over the top with your choices! Whether you want to drown them in syrup, juice or chocolate sauce, throw some bacon on top and add whipped cream – if it can be done with breakfast food then someone has probably already tried it.
There is no better way than enjoying them in any flavour that suits what mood takes hold of you…
The texture and taste of your pancakes will always be better when you use fresh ingredients. I love the sweet smell in my kitchen on Pancake Day, as it reminds me that something delicious is nearing its end!
But with all of the glorious pancakes Brighton has to offer, you may just have to turn Pancake Day into a week-long celebration – Pancakes Week!
When you’re in Brighton and need to satisfy your pancake cravings, these are the best places for some of that delicious breakfast goodness.

The Breakfast Club
Market St, Brighton

These guys know their way around a good breakfast – just look at the name! And we’re not talking about your average sugar and lemon combo. If you want something more out there, try their Ringer Stinger Chicken Stack: it’s delicious in every sense of the word.
Luckily, you’ll never be bored with the Breakfast Club’s selection of pancakes. They offer the classics as well as pancakes for all tastes. For those of you who are feeling adventurous, their vegan ‘Beauregarde’ pancakes might be a good fit!
You’ve heard about those pancakes with the whipped vanilla cream and berries, right? Yeah. They’re delicious! The Breakfast Club is a great place to go for brunch during mornings because they have all these different varieties of fluffy sweet buttermilk pancake that you can top off your meal with too.
This restaurant is decorated uniquely and it’s worth checking out even if it’s just to take photos outside because their menu is insane–pancake stacks are my favourite thing there! The atmosphere is nice as well with calming music playing over speakers all around us which made me feel right at home.

Nowhere Man
Upper North Street, Brighton

If you’re looking for a spot on the map with the perfect balance of great food, ambience and music make your way to this retro-chic restaurant. You won’t be able to resist the delicious, generous plates of pancakes and old-school decor at this offbeat (but oh so inviting) diner.
This quaint coffee shop is a hidden gem. It has an unpretentious, friendly feel to it that will be appreciated by those who want something other than Starbucks for their morning breakfast routine. They feature a strong menu with everything from pancakes and bagels to smoothies and more drinks you won’t find at any big chain store.
The laid-back décor and vibe in this 70s inspired living room café make it the perfect place to dine. The retro vibes will have you feeling like a true bohemian, while the endless Instagram opportunities within these walls make for an unforgettable experience with friends!
I love that Nowhere Man has so many different pancakes! You can satisfy everyone’s appetite and enjoy great breakfast food all the time.
A humble stack of pancakes is always a good way to start the day, indeed.

Starfish & Coffee
Queens Park, Brighton

Pancake day is a great excuse to enjoy some delicious pancakes and it’s one of the most popular days for restaurants. If you’re looking for Brighton pancake recommendations, we have just what you need!
One of our favourite places in Brighton that serves up mouthwatering stacks on Pancake Day? Starfish & Coffee. Their sweet buttermilk pancakes are light as air with delicately crispy edges – they may be the absolute best thing about this place!
And they are one of Brighton’s most child-friendly and family-oriented coffee shops. Starfish & Coffee proves that it is possible to create a spot for adults without sacrificing all the essential elements. They have every type of drink you could want, from lattes to Americanos with plenty in between as well as hearty meals and snacks!
This cafe has mastered the art of brunch with its pancakes. They are award-winning and have a menu of mouthwatering breakfast options, with pancakes that will make you feel like royalty.
Imagine the best pancake breakfast of your life. But this time, you don’t have to worry about how many calories are in those pancakes because they were made right across from Queen’s Park! The perfect place for a guilt-free walk after brunch with friends.
The Starfish & Coffee pancakes are to die for. They are incredibly large, filled with delicate dough and bursting with delicious toppings.
If you’re in the mood for a stack of pancakes, this cosy cafe is perfect. Whether you want to celebrate your day with just one pancake or an entire plateful, check out this breakfast hotspot!

Moksha Cafe
York Place, Brighton

When you’re in the mood for a tasty breakfast, look no further than Moksha. With an array of delicious American pancakes to choose from and gluten-free Pancakes on offer too – there’s something here to satisfy every taste bud!
Brighton’s Moksha was also awarded the 2019 Bravo Award for best Brighton brunch. They offer a deliciously casual atmosphere where kids are welcomed to eat without any fuss.
These guys know how to take their customers on a mouth-watering pancake experience. Pancakes are served American style and accompanied by your choice of banana, blueberry or bacon with maple syrup; it’s like you have no idea what flavour heaven is until now!
Their pancakes are certainly not to be missed!