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Cafe Malbec Hove

This wine bar and Argentinian restaurant on Church Road is a great place to go if you’re looking for some Malbecs or want to try out their South American cuisine.
With its extensive knowledge of both food and drink, Cafe Malbec Hove offers an experience not found elsewhere!

The best place to get your Latin fix for soccer and food is at this restaurant.
They’ve got a full menu of South American wines, Argentine bites, screenings of the World Cup games (plus new additions), all while you enjoy their selection of Latin beers!

Wine and Lager

You can’t have a good time without wine, so stop by Cafe Malbec to enjoy one of their amazing wines! They offer various types from Argentina as well as other countries.
They are known for their high-quality wines, especially the blush. The Vicente Blanc de Malbec has a pink tint to it and tastes great with warm weather or paired up with cheese before moving onto red wine.

They also offer Estrella Galicia. It is the perfect beer to enjoy at a BBQ because it pairs well with food. It has an interesting flavour that doesn’t overpower, but complements your meal instead!

Whether you’d like to take home some or stay and drink it with friends at the cafe, they’re sure not disappointing.

Authentic Empanadas of Cafe Malbec

Pinch yourself. The Argentinian deli items will make you forget about the traditional English fare and take your taste buds on a trip to South America with their delicious empanadas that come in flavours such as spicy beef, chicken or provolone cheese.
These are too good for words so be sure to try one today – it’s worth every calorie because they’ll melt right off of your tongue like butter (literally)!
Plus there is also their charcuterie board featuring Gran Picada Argentina – a mix of cheeses and cured meats along with other mouth-watering delicacies from across South American countries like Bolivia & Peru.

Delightful Tapas

Tapas, a perfect appetizer food. We tried four to share and our choice was just right because each one took only minutes to arrive so you can order more if desired.
The portion sizes are generous enough that they’re easy for groups of friends or family members to enjoy too!

Try Argentine chorizo in Malbec sauce with your group the next time you go out for tapas!
Different from typical spicy red Spanish sausage, this dish is smoother and juicier than others on the menu- it’s like having an ordinary meaty sausage without as much spice but still plenty flavorful.

Tempting Desserts

It was tough to resist the desserts when we saw them in front of us. We indulged in a ‘Rogel,’ which is a layered pastry tower with gooey meringue and dulce de leche inside.
We also ordered cake pops, where there’s actually layers of chocolate cake mixture into it but then covered by frosting!
The fun part about this dessert is you can either pour Baileys over or shoot it into your mouth for some added flavour if that tickles your fancy.”

Whether you fancy a glass of top-quality wine with snacks, an evening of Argentine grazing food, or just want to relax and watch the football match at Cafe Malbec.
Our night out was quite a culinary journey as we tried different dishes that had new flavours!



The evening at Cafe Malbec was an exciting culinary journey. We could not have asked for anything better!



Restaurant Info

Cafe Malbec is an Argentine wine bar based in Hove, Brighton East Sussex. Fine wines, cafeteria, empanadas.

Website: https://www.cafemalbec.co.uk/

Menu:  https://www.cafemalbec.co.uk/our-food-menus/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 34 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FN

GPS: 50.827257623880286, -0.1675864153708202

Phone: 01273 915555

Email: manager@cafemalbec.co.uk


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Friday 10am–10pm
Saturday 10am–10pm
Sunday 10am–5pm
Monday 10am–5pm
Tuesday 10am–5pm
Wednesday 10am–5pm
Thursday 10am–5pm