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The Eastern Eye restaurant is one of the oldest in London Road with a rich history. Nestled between the shops and cafes, it’s easy to miss on your way through. The first time I went there was for my anniversary and boy do I regret not going sooner!
I had been looking for somewhere nice to take my partner for our anniversaries but hadn’t found anything that seemed right – then when we were driving past on our way home from work he saw this place, stopped to look at the menu outside and said he really fancied trying it out…and so we did! We both loved everything about this place – how inviting it was, how lovely all the staff were, how tasty the food was.

The Eastern Eye restaurant recreates the magic of Indian Cuisine combined with the cosmopolitan vibrancy of Brighton.

The people in front of us seemed to be the only ones who got it. The restaurant was definitely unassuming and you wouldn’t know anything if you just walked past, but yet they still had a line out the door. It wasn’t just due to their cult following either; this place served food that any sane person would want to eat. And I don’t mean some fancy-pants foods with an exquisite looking description that cost £13 for two mouthfuls (although there are plenty of those too). No, these dishes were simple yet satisfying: chicken tika, lamb shank or masala made from scratch every day. The Eastern Eye were one of London Road’s favourite restaurants, mainly because it served great seafood and their head chef, Murrali, is from Madras where he specialised in Indian cuisine before working.


The Atmosphere

I was happy that we had chosen to come here because it looks like this little gem has been well kept under wraps for years. The restaurant is small and cosy, but there’s enough room for everyone without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Chef Murrali shared stories about his food and how it came to be so popular on London Road. He talks passionately about spices from all over India, as well as his love of cooking seafood dishes which are full of flavour due to the ingredients used is fresh and sourced locally from within England instead of imported. Finally, he brings out some amazing.


The food at Eastern Eye

Sitting in the restaurant, the smells of freshly cooked food wafted from the kitchen. It smelled delicious and my stomach growled loudly. The chef’s top pick was grilled fillets of swordfish in a hot curry with pickling spices while Lamb Shank Narendra was a favourite so tender it practically fell into your mouth doused in caramelised onion, roasted garlic, bay leaves and black pepper sauce.


This Indian cuisine restaurant is a delight. With a delicious array of dishes to choose from, they have something for everyone; especially if you are looking for an authentic taste of India. The menu offers both traditional and non-traditional Indian dishes with everything from Kheema (minced lamb) to Mogo Kheer (sweet and spicy milk dessert), as well as some more English-friendly options like rice pudding or chai tea. There’s also plenty of vegetarian options on the menu so everyone can enjoy the best south Indian food in town!


Indian Specialty

The food at this place is so different from the rest and it’s worth trying. Chef Murrali cooks all his dishes fresh with only wholesome ingredients for an authentic taste and you can tell by how fragrant your food smells when they present it to you. He has some really interesting dishes, like their butter masala dosa or lamb and red onion dosa for example. They also have delights such as Uthappam with seafood or meat toppings, something new every time you come back! After eating here you’ll be ready to digest but also cool down with a glass of red wine.




Overall this place is worth visiting just for the service alone but also because they have some great food too!
When you go inside, it is warm and welcoming. The people are always smiling and happy to help you with anything they can do for you.

Restaurant Info

A Madras-born chef with a love of seafood cooks dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Website: http://www.easterneyerestaurant.co.uk/

Menu: http://www.easterneyerestaurant.co.uk/menu-2/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery

Address: 58 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JE

GPS: 50.83286262830813, -0.13808583071784658

Phone: 01273 685151

Email: easterneyerestaurant@gmail.com

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Opening Times

Thursday Closed
Friday 6–11pm
Saturday 6–11pm
Sunday 6–11pm
Monday 6–11pm
Tuesday 6–11pm
Wednesday 6–11pm