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There is a never-ending supply of new trends in the food industry; different styles, and presentations.
It’s always so exciting to walk up to any given stand or happen upon one that I haven’t seen before with all sorts of fresh ingredients at my disposal – it feels like an adventure!
A little place called Eatalio is just such a spot for me: they’re passionate about their delicious food served with pride.

The Atmosphere

Eatalio is a cool place to get authentic Italian food and coffee in Brighton. The restaurant has piadas (Italian wraps), pasta bowls, and salads for you to eat as well as freshly brewed coffee!

One of the best parts about Eatalio is that it has a cool, urban industrial vibe. There’s vibrant graffiti on some walls with newspaper cutouts and high stools around the edges.
You can also find traditional lower tables in the centre as well for people to sit at if they don’t want something more fancy looking like most restaurants have nowadays.
It’s not too crowded either so I recommend grabbing one of those window seats by Queen’s Road because you get a perfect view right smack dab in front of this main street here which makes for great people watching!

Healthy Options

The Eatalio menu gives you a choice of three different bases for your lunch, including their Angel Hair pasta bowl, Piada (Italian wrap) or Mixed Salad Leaves.
Next, you top it with an option from the grill which is all locally sourced and marinated in fresh flavours and herbs; Free Range Chicken is one example that can be grilled on request.
To finish they have a selection of hot and cold Italian sauces to choose from as well as salad dressings to design your perfect dish: try combining them!

I love the Italian dishes here. Our soft fresh pasta is cooked in front of us, and it’s served with a spicy Italian sausage that tastes amazing!
It has some fiery spice to it but isn’t too hot for me – there are olives on top as well which help bring out the flavour even more.
The dish also includes mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce; I usually like my food extra cheesy so this was perfect for me.
My favourite part about our piada though were all these incredible peppers we put inside- they make the filling taste great.
We added Diavolo hot sauce made from tomatoes, cream, garlic salt (and) chilli pepper powder onto ours because you can never have enough heat when eating such an amazing meal!

Drinks and more drinks!

After we finished our authentic Italian lunch, my friend and I wash it down with Santal juices. My choice was the cloudy apple while he went for orange flavour.
Just like everything else that has been served so far today, these flavours are rich and satisfying to us both! Beers, Small batch coffees or other soft drinks can also be chosen from their menu!

The moment you step inside Eatalio, staff chat away to customers and make them feel like family.
The chefs are knowledgeable about the food they’re preparing and clear out any clutter on their floor while providing fantastic service!




Restaurant Info

Airy Italian eatery offering create-your-own pasta bowl with various toppings & local-inspired graffiti.

website: http://eatalio.co.uk/

Cost: £

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 128 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3WB

GPS: 50.824418054791344, -0.14303731534399927

Phone: 01273 567891

Email: brighton@eatalio.co.uk


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Opening Times


Friday 10am–10pm
Saturday 12–10 pm
Sunday 12–9 pm
Monday 10am–10pm
Tuesday 10am–10pm
Wednesday 10am–10pm
Thursday 10am–10pm