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Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton Beach

Brighton’s booming baked goods industry is a great boon for the city. For carb junkies like me, this is AMAZING! My morning commute to work includes a stop by a bakery for breakfast every day. I feel as if I’m in heaven! You can satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings at The Flour Pot Bakery.


This is a perfect place for all your fresh bread needs. With fresh-baked bread and pastries every day and a selection of homemade sandwiches available at all times, they provide a valuable service not only for Brighton but for everyone fond of desserts too!

Their chocolate croissants are to die for, but their savoury breakfast sandwich will knock you out of bed in the morning – it has bacon AND egg on it so what could be better?




The Flour Pot Bakery invites you into their modest Brighton Beach shop where you can experience the love and passion they started with. With time, they have expanded, and today, you can find them elsewhere in town, cooking up delicious sandwiches on freshly baked sourdough or rye that’ll blow your mind!


Daily loaves of bread and desserts

The Flour Pot Bakery is where you can indulge in all your pastry cravings. Sure, you can find all sorts of sugary treats in supermarkets but there’s something about walking into a bakery that just feels more welcoming than anywhere else. It creates this feeling of homey comfort inside as soon as you walk through their doors with everything they have for sale displayed right up front so it’s easier to browse and see what suits your taste buds best without any hassle at all!



Plus, whether or not we’re talking about doughnuts here or some other sweet treat- their prices are always fair which means everyone can afford them no matter how much money they may make on an average day!

There’s bread, croissants, and more at these places! They also have vegan-friendly options, so you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.




Menu selections for breakfast and lunch

This breakfast is not for the faint of heart. You can have your bun either filled with sausage, Portobello mushroom or egg topped off with Hillbilly Sauce and then add on top some ketchup mixed in as well! This dish will be sure to start getting you energized before a long day at work.

In the mood for something lighter? You can’t go wrong with their Bircher Muesli options, whether you want honey-sweetened or fruit variations.

If you’re trying to explore the city on a tight lunch break, then this is your spot. Their freshly baked sandwiches will keep you satisfied for hours as they offer just what every hungry tourist needs-a quick meal before hitting the streets and bouncing from one museum or art gallery to another!

After that, you can enjoy a cup of Small Batch coffee. Or try one of their speciality drinks like the Matcha Latte or Hazelnut Mocha Espresso! At this place, there are always new items on the menu and many options to choose from. You could go from catching up to friends or having lunch while people watching and enjoying a well-lit seating area that provides enough space for everyone!