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Brighton is a city that loves its vegan food, so when Happy Maki opened up with their new concept of sushi wrapped in seaweed and rice it was an instant hit.
With all-natural ingredients like avocado, cucumber, carrots or zucchini these rolls are sure to make you happy as can be!

This brand-new concept will be bringing something so different to our food scene; an entirely vegetarian menu consisting of high protein dishes you could easily eat every day.

Their wraps are made using only plant-based ingredients which makes them both nutritious AND tasty too – what more can you ask from a meal?

Plant-based wraps and sustainability

They offer plant-based wraps that are inspired by the taste of sushi rolls, but with a twist.
They incorporate flavours from around the world to make it more interesting for those who like different tastes than just plain old vegetarian food.
Not only do they have a variety in their menu but also in education and awareness about how commercial fishing can impact delicate ocean ecosystems

With Happy Maki, you can enjoy great wraps while also making the world a better place.
They fight against child hunger and forest loss in developing countries by donating to charities for these issues all over the globe!

Vegan Sushis

The Happy Maki sushi experience is a new take on an old favourite.
Their Su-Shi rolls are made with the freshest ingredients and offer customers tons of options to suit their taste buds, but they still maintain some traditional flavours you’re sure to love!

These giant sushi burritos are the best! All vegan sushi burritos on offer at this Brighton establishment are utterly delicious.
They come with fillings like sweet potato and roasted coconut with my favourite satay sauce. And you know they’re healthy because it’s from sustainable sources!

The venue is great for a quick and wholesome bite that’s filling, healthy, tasty with an all-vegan menu too!


Restaurant Info

Small, cheery counter-serve option offering custom & made-to-order vegan sushi burritos.

Website: https://www.happymaki.co.uk/

Menu: https://www.happymaki.co.uk/menus/sydney-street

Cost: ££

Service options: Takeaway · Delivery · No dine-in

Address: 8 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ

GPS: 50.820166856025544, -0.13861413068799855

Phone: 01273 737369

Email: manager@happymaki.co.uk


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Opening Times


Friday 12–3pm, 5–8pm
Saturday 12–3pm, 5–8pm
Sunday 12–8pm
Monday 12–3pm, 5–8pm
Tuesday 12–3pm, 5–8pm
Wednesday 12–3pm, 5–8pm
Thursday 12–3pm, 5–8pm