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Ho Chiak – China China

Ho Chiak – China China

The most interesting thing about Ho Chiak – China China is that it’s not the kind of place you go to when you’re looking for fine dining, it’s more like a hole in the wall type spot. Its location just up from The Old Market makes it perfect if you’re out on Preston Street and need something quick or cheap. The best part? They deliver through Dinner2Go.




Your friendly, authentic Chinese restaurant in Brighton.



This restaurant’s chefs are among the most talented in Brighton, and they have been cooking up delicious Chinese dishes for many years.


From the Menu

You can choose from braised pork, fried beef, vegetarian spring rolls, and grilled pork dumplings, among other options.




The prawn dumplings were so good that I couldn’t get enough. The wonton soup and roasted duck go together like peas in a pod, but the beer was my favourite part of this meal because it’s awesome with food (and Chinese tea!).





The menu at Ho Chiak is such a fun, diverse mix of dishes that there’s something for everyone! Ho Chiak is a place for me and my friends to order takeout too. We love their staff’s creativity when it comes to dishes, especially the service they provide us with each time we come in!




Restaurant Info

Chinese food is worth a try here. Perfectly cooked pork roast, duck and Dim sum have an appetizing taste.

Website: https://chinachinabrighton.co.uk/

Menu: https://chinachinabrighton.co.uk/order-online-%e8%ae%a2%e5%8d%95%e9%a3%9f%e5%93%81%e4%ba%a4%e4%bb%98/

Cost: £

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 33 – 35 Preston St, Brighton BN1 2HP

GPS: 50.82425519172131, -0.1510361693188195

Phone: 01273 328 028


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Opening Times

Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm
Friday 12–10pm
Saturday 12–10pm
Sunday 12–10pm
Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm