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Located on Preston Road, Kitgum Kitchen is a restaurant that serves a menu of Indian and East African dishes. Kitgum Kitchen is unique to Brighton, if not the whole country, with its food offering.

Kitgum Kitchen isn’t a newcomer to Brighton. Likely, you’ve already tasted their foods at special events or pop-ups throughout the city.



What An Experience!

Fayaz Almani is the mastermind behind Kitgum Kitchen, which occupies the former site of Circo and Senor Buddha. Using the highest-quality ingredients and unique flavourings, he gives his customers an experience they can never forget. The owner’s mum still stays involved to make sure the food is authentic, providing guidance and making sure quality standards are met.

There are already crowds flocking to their culinary tours, new flavours, and freshly made dips.

There is a great variety of light, hearty dishes on their menus such as chicken samosas, curries and mishkakis. The special Ugandan Kitgum Rolex omelette filled chapati with potato will have you drooling for more!

In addition to a tasting plate, the owner discusses with us the exquisite details of the small plates and the big plates. Our host is passionate about the food. The food he grew up with is magical to him, and he wants everyone to experience it.





From The Menu

We begin with pork or chicken Kitgum samosas (you can choose between the two varieties), each of which is generously sized. Its wrapper is filo, and the direction is to pierce it and drizzle lemon juice on it, which gives it an extra zing to each bite.



After that, we have Jeeru’s Wings. The chicken in this dish was glazed with a tangy hot and sour sauce, then garnished with fresh coriander and cumin that added a beautiful contrast to the spicy sauce.

Having finished the small plates, we moved on to the main course. With a delectable lamb curry and a sauteed potato side dish, the Lamb Kalyo was a hit. A fresh carrot pickle and chopped chilli are included – the taste is great!



We chose the Moong Nu Shaak from among the vegan choices. This dish featured stewed beans, cumin, tomatoes, and coriander, with a yoghurt topping and carrot pickle for garnish. We were blown away by the combination of rich legumes and yoghurt seasoned with spices and scrumptious carrots – absolutely delicious and nutritious!



East coast of Africa meets West coast of India.

The rich textures and vibrant flavours of these hearty dishes had our senses tingling in anticipation! A variety of homemade dipping sauces were served with all the dishes, such as Kitgum’s signature ketchup, which is bursting with flavour.

With everything I have, I now want this Dip! A hot and sour sauce was also available, which was tangy, flavorful, and spicy.

This is exactly what Kitgum Kitchen offers. Not only are you eating the food, but you’re also learning what brought it together and how to eat it.



Restaurant Info

East African and Gujarati food to dine-in or to deliver along the coast, direct to your door for you to reheat and enjoy.

Website: https://kitgumkitchen.com/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

Address: 9 Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 4QE

GPS: 50.833970164208445, -0.13969253068799858

Phone: 01273 933660

Email: hello@kitgumkitchen.com

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Opening Times

Wednesday 5–10pm
Thursday 5–11pm
Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 12–11pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10pm