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Brighton has been a bustling foodie destination for years, and it is no surprise that Longrain Thai Brighton opened in late 2020.
Nestled on St James’ street, Kemptown the restaurant joins its peers as one of many cuisines which make this area an undeniable favourite among locals and those who are willing to branch out from their usual haunts!

I recently learned about this new little gem that I’m sure will be one of those favourites. You enter the restaurant and instantly feel at home with your fellow diners who are welcomed like old friends.

It’s a great place for first-time visitors to enjoy themselves because locals love it too!

The food is delicious, as well as reasonably priced – you’re going to leave feeling satisfied from head to toe; just what any good Thai should want in their favourite meal.

Magnificent Thai Menu

You know what they say, good things are worth waiting for. Longrain Thai is no exception to this rule with their tantalizing Pan Asian dishes that will make your taste buds hungry and eager just by looking at them!
Their food balances the four elements of flavour: hot, sweet, salty or sour perfectly so each dish has a little bit of everything you crave in it!
Made fresh right before your eyes and crafted from only quality ingredients, makes eating even more satisfying than can be imagined.

If you need a filling meal, then the menu at this restaurant will be sure to please.
They have an assortment of small plates that can act as your main dish or shared with friends and more traditional items such as Laksa soup and Pad Thai noodles dishes.
Don’t forget about their vegan tempeh burger!

Asian Thai Brunch

Whenever I crave something different for my weekends these days, all I have to do is think about this cool new place, which has great Pan-Asian brunches on offer every day.
With its characteristic Indonesian and Thai flavourings like sambal oelek chilli sauce or spicy deep-fried tempeh paired up with traditional favourites such as pancakes or eggs benedict.

Here you’ll find breakfast dishes popular throughout Thailand that are seldom found here in the UK!
Brunching with food from Asia is just what you need to take your mind off work and give it time to wander back into those carefree days when everything seemed effortless…

Drink List

You’ll be surprised with the selection of vegan wines and Asian inspired cocktails on this menu!
Try out a fruity, spicy drink or smoothie that’s also dairy-free. The drinks are all so tasty as well as healthy for you which is always good when drinking alcohol in general…


Restaurant Info

Asian fusion restaurant.

website:  https://longrainthai.squarespace.com/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery

Address: 111 St James’s St, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1TH

GPS: 50.82145774320772, -0.1345197693188195

Phone: 01273 082414

Email: info@longrainthai.com


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Opening Times


Tuesday 4–10pm
Wednesday 4–10pm
Thursday 4–10pm
Friday 4–10pm
Saturday 4–10pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed