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I have always had mixed experiences ordering steak from the menu. One thing is for sure – I am a steak lover. I’m not a vegetarian, but I can thoroughly enjoy a sirloin steak accompanied by peppercorn sauce and tasty mushrooms. A medium-rare steak has always been my favourite, and I cannot comprehend why anyone would order one well-done.

It is challenging to predict whether the restaurant will cook your steak the way you want it (cook each side for 3 minutes), or if they will give you a brick as opposed to a steak. Sadly, the latter is usually the case. This is why you can imagine how happy I was to taste a top-notch steak from Miller & Carter SteakHouse.

The site

Located along London Road in Patcham, it is easily reached by bus and has plenty of parking.

The first thing you see upon entering the impressive building is its luxurious interior, with its deep red colour scheme. The chairs, carpet, and lights are red, which makes a charming contrast with the black tables and long couch. The exposed brick wall creates a modern atmosphere while retaining the traditional American steakhouse vibe.



Delectable food

Miller and Carter is a great choice no matter your age – from your first date to your mom’s birthday. No matter what your dietary restrictions are, a meal at Miller and Carter will be just right for you.

It offers an array of steaks and meat burgers, along with other things like pasta, fish and salads, plus appetizers and desserts. The restaurant also offers a kids’ menu.

Choosing between 12 different steak types, I opted to start with a T-Bone steak in a cream sauce with baked cheese mushrooms, while my friend ordered sirloin steak accompanied by fried calamari as an appetizer. Of course, both at medium-rare.

Each massive steak was delicious. The plates of steak we had at Miller & Carter were absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced. They only offer the highest quality cuts of 30 day-aged beef, which was a joy to eat. Chefs at this restaurant choose exclusively grass-fed beef sourced locally, and then have it perfectly cooked by skilled chefs for whom steaks are both a passion and a calling.

What a lovely evening it was

We left dessert space for a raspberry crème brûlée and were just as surrounded by great people. The staff was accommodating when it came to selecting the right white wine for our meal.

I enjoyed the service immensely, but it wasn’t bothersome at all. I was able to enjoy my meal without a lot of distractions.

At Miller & Carter we know a thing or two about steak. In fact, we could say that we’re one of the best steakhouses in Brighton. But we’d rather leave that to your judgement.

Every steak comes with a lettuce wedge, along with a choice of four different salad dressings served alongside. It is often found in American steakhouses and is enjoyed by many diners.

Whenever you can no longer stand from the immense amount of food you’ve consumed, Miller & Carter hotel is there to help you. As with the restaurant, the hotel and accommodation are both pleasant and relaxing, regardless of how long you stay.

There is no doubt that Miller & Carter is one of the best restaurants in Brighton to have a meal at and feel satisfied!






Restaurant Info

Handsome site for British & Irish beef with full bar, fixed-price lunch & 3-course Sunday dinner.

Website: https://www.millerandcarter.co.uk/restaurants/south-east/millerandcarterbrighton

Menu: https://www.millerandcarter.co.uk/restaurants/south-east/millerandcarterbrighton/food

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Delivery

Address: London Rd, Patcham, Brighton BN1 8YQ

GPS: 50.865378000356564, -0.15234203068799856

Phone: 01273 552886

Email: contact@support.millerandcarter.co.uk

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Opening Times

Wednesday 12–11pm
Thursday 12–11pm
Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 12–11pm
Sunday 12–10pm
Monday 12–11pm
Tuesday 12–11pm