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As far as sushi in Brighton is concerned, there is only one really good option for most of the city’s residents.
Moshimo Brighton has been a premier spot for foodies and locals alike with their authentic dishes that offer an immersive experience while tasting like you’re dining on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Everything about this restaurant screams perfection.

If you’re looking for a place to have sushi in Brighton, Moshimo should be at the top of your list.
The restaurant is elegantly designed and doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard – which makes sense because they also offer traditional Japanese dishes that are just as good! Plus they have a sustainable seafood menu and plant-based options that better suit your tastes.

Japanese Food

Moshimo serves a great selection of sushi which winds around the restaurant. It’s easy to grab plates at your leisure, and there is also an à la carte menu with hot dishes if you want something fancier!
They offer both platters of various fish and rolls with cream cheese or other creative ingredients that range from vegetarian maki to smoked salmon nigiri topped with soy sauce and wasabi!

There’s not just sushi on offer, though! Moshimo has a range of kozara – Japanese tapas-style dishes.
Some are their finest and most creative food in my opinion: ika squid karage that is fried until crispy with cornflour then covered in sweet and spicy chilli sauce or the cod cheek tempura which is wrapped up delicately but still light enough to fly away because it’s a batter made from so little flour.

If you’re looking for a sushi restaurant that has something to offer the vegan and vegetarian crowd, Moshimo’s got your back.
It offers an outstanding selection of meat-free dishes in addition to fish-based options–all equally as appealing!
If Wednesdays are hump day, then there’s nothing better than 50% off all vegan food selections on top of their regular menu which includes plant-based specials such as spicy mushroom gunkan and California maki with delicious ‘prawn’ alternatives.

Japanese Beverages

Moshimo is your go-to if you’re looking for some Japanese beers, Sencha teas or sake. If that’s not what you fancy then Moshimo also has wine and cocktails with a Japanese twist!

Fishlove Campaign- Sustainability

It’s no secret that Moshimo is one of the most sustainable restaurants in Europe.
The first step they took all those years ago was to only use non-endangered fish, and now through their Fish Love campaign, they’re highlighting the dangers of overfishing at a European level.
It doesn’t stop there though – with organic prawns from Sussex producers and sustainably farmed salmon on offer as well, it seems like every dish you order will be good for your health too!

Love for Desserts

The dessert menu is so appealing and delicious. You could eat until you are bursting if it weren’t for the constraints of our clothes!
We can choose from a variety of desserts, like Chocolate Trifle or Mochi Rice Cakes but I love Tempura Ice Cream too – those cakes look amazing with ice cream rolled in layers inside Madeira cake batter then coated in tempura batter…

Visit Moshimo and Enjoy!

The relaxed and surreal atmosphere of Moshimo makes it the perfect place to enjoy a meal. You can dine with your hands, drink from bowls, and eat delicious finger food!



You know what they say, if you’ve fallen in love with Moshimo it’s no surprise. Why not try for yourself and fall head over heels at our Brighton favourite?



Restaurant Info

Modern diner with sliding screens that can open to the outside and a deck with Japanese-style seats.

website: https://www.moshimo.co.uk/

Menu: https://www.moshimo.co.uk/our-food/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: Bartholomew Square, MOSHIMO, Brighton BN1 1JS


Friday 12–10 pm
Saturday 12–10 pm
Sunday 12–6 pm
Monday 12–10 pm
Tuesday 12–10 pm
Wednesday 12–10 pm
Thursday 12–10 pm