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The Atmosphere

I walked into the Noodles Soup resto with a slightly suspicious look on my face only to be greeted by an invitingly cosy atmosphere.

When I walk in, it looks like a typical noodles spot with nothing much to offer at first sight, but then my experience was kick-started by how accommodating all of the staff were and their genuine hospitality made me feel right at home which reassured me that this would be an authentic Chinese meal.



There were about twenty-five seats at small tables or high stools around counters along the edge of this restaurant but they managed to turn over all those tables in less than thirty minutes so it was clear that business is booming.

I came in starving and left feeling full. I’ve never seen such a lively restaurant before, not even at the peak of lunchtime.

Tasty Menu!

The noodles soup was piping hot with just enough spices to make it tasty without being too spicy for someone like me who doesn’t eat anything that could be considered “hotter than mild.”


I loved how it had a marvellous meaty texture! The noodles were so full of flavour. I also loved how the pak choi had a crunch and wasn’t too soggy in its sauce. Moreover, it was cooked to perfection!






They offered many side dishes too including gyoza, spring rolls, and wontons, all served fresh from the kitchen so they were still warm when I ate them! Noodles Soup is the best place for noodles soup. Their noodle selection will leave you mouthwatering as if it’s your last meal, and they are so reasonably priced!





I can’t believe the variety of options there is. The food tastes awesome and it’s extremely affordable for a meal in Brighton!



Restaurant Info

Enjoy the best noodle soups in Brighton!


Cost: £

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 37 West St, Brighton BN1 2RE

GPS: 50.82315239657093, -0.14404593068799856

Phone: 01273 327888


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Opening Times

  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm
  • 11am–9pm