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I knew I had to visit the place Starfish & Coffee with some of my friends because it won Brighton’s Best Cafe, and you know how much we love local restaurants. We arrived Saturday morning around 10 am for brunch, but there was a lineup out the door!

I wanted to see what all of that fuss about this cafe is ever so when I and my buddies came in on our day off at their busiest time -we were seated immediately.

Walking into this cafe felt like entering a warm and welcoming place. It had that cosy atmosphere where it made me want to curl up in my seat, order a drink with friends and chat for hours.

We all decided quickly what kind of drinks we wanted: some asked for black coffee while others opted for cappuccinos or lattes (I love the taste of latte). The menu also included alcoholic beverages–we went ahead and picked out bloody marys as our beverage choice!

I have to admit that Starfish would be my top choice. The perfect mix of spices, enough to kick a hangover right outta you! I always get excited when the Bloody Mary comes with sticks of celery–it’s so refreshing and makes me feel like drinking another one!

Abundant Choices

The menu is massive. It’s hard to decide what you want because everything sounds delicious!

There are lots of vegan and vegetarian options as well, so there will be something for everyone in the family.

After we finally decided on the Avocado Royale, I was ready to order. It took a minute for me to decide between ordering an additional two poached eggs or going with something more adventurous like the Chorizo Hash but in the end, nothing could sway my decision because when people say “you can’t go wrong” they refer specifically and solely towards this dish!

The dishes came out smelling amazing — we were salivating before they even made it to our tables- much more than enough for two people actually -and when each one landed in front of us there was no hesitation about digging right in because these portions are huge but oh man everything tasted just as awesome as you’d imagine!

My dish was made up of beautifully fried potatoes that had a bit extra seasoning. One of my favourite foods is mushrooms so seeing them mixed with potatoes and topped off with two eggs just felt like home!


Starfish offers so many different combinations of drinks and food that it’s good for everyone! Whether you’re a family looking to get the kids fed, or are on your first date with someone. This is also great if you have pets as they welcome them too! The happy hour from 5-7 pm makes this even more attractive since there are such delicious drinks offered at those times.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m back for a second breakfast. The food was delicious and the service impeccable, not to mention that I can’t wait to see what happens at night!

I’ll definitely be coming back soon – this is one of my favourite cafes in town already!



Cafe Info

We are an independent neighbourhood cafe, specialising in brunch dishes.

website: https://starfishandcoffee.cafe/

Menu: https://starfishandcoffee.cafe/menu/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 32 Egremont Pl, Brighton BN2 0GA

GPS: 50.82405998433383, -0.12869361534059026

Phone: 01273 230635

Email: hello@starfishandcoffee.cafe


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Opening Times


Wednesday 9am–3pm
Thursday 9am–3pm
Friday 9am–3pm
Saturday 9am–3pm
Sunday 9am–3pm
Monday 9am–3pm
Tuesday 9am–3pm