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The products served at Talk Of Tea ought to be top-notch, and in this establishment, they certainly are.

Located in the centre of Brighton, it is an inviting tea room that is perfect to spend a relaxing afternoon. Even though it has the largest tea menu in the city and some truly incredible options, this is a place that you can go to regularly. It is a good fit for Brighton.

You’ll find an intimate little shop right in town, off Western Road, adorned with small trinkets, lamps, and a cosy, charming interior. Additionally, there is a small yard that has a couple of seating areas available for use during sunny days.


Teas of all kinds

Some of the teas available on the menu include organic Darjeeling, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls, and Temi Tea. You can choose from a superb selection of green teas as well as flavoured teas, including a few rather unusual blends. How about Limoncello and Witch Blend?

The Milky Oolong is a unique tea that is unlike anything else I have had. A creamy and refreshing drink with a distinct milky taste. It’s too good to resist!


The best food around

While there is a large tea menu available, the food is more modest. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite for a couple of pounds or a full afternoon tea with scones, sandwiches, tea and cake, the restaurant has it all.

Cake gets a lot of praise! All are made in-house and are gluten-free, although you would never guess that. Despite the massive slices of cake, they were incredibly light. These weren’t at all overly sweet and dense like some gluten-free options. The restaurant doesn’t cater to vegans, but they can prepare a special dish for you if you call ahead.

Tea time can be a pleasant experience without breaking the bank.


Worth the trip

Due to its proximity to a town, it is a handy place to go for a pit stop and a quick bite or a tea date with your girlfriends. A place to unwind with books, magazines, and games, if you have the time. Here, there are so many friendly people.

In light of the proliferation of eating establishments like Starbucks and chains of restaurants in Brighton, it is more important than ever to show our support for our independent businesses, as they are what contribute to the city’s charm.


Tea Room Info

Tiny tea shop for aficionados serving dozens of teas, locally roasted coffee, sandwiches and cakes.

Website: www.talkoftea.co.uk

Cost: ££

Service options: Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 26 Spring St, Brighton BN1 3EF

GPS: 50.82556524526042, -0.14921158465940978

Phone: 01273 748444

Email: miriam@talkoftea.co.uk

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Opening Times

Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12–6pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed