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The Cleveland Arms

The Cleveland Arms

The Cleveland Arms

The Cleveland Arms is a bustling pub with an inviting atmosphere that offers good food, friendly service and the finest drinks.

Walking up to this establishment we could already tell it was full of life because there were people everywhere – families chatting in groups at tables as children ran around playing games while friends chatted over pints on outdoor benches enjoying a warm day outside.

Inside, you can see the warmth emanating outwards towards waiting customers who will experience nothing but kindness. The countertops are laden with plates containing sandwiches freshly made, alongside beer taps all emitting their golden liquid into glasses awaiting thirsty patrons ready to quench their thirst after long hard days of work.

Wine Selection

There is an excellent selection of wines on offer, all listed on their chalkboard outside in plain sight for your perusal. We had the vegan Gran Cerdo; not only did it taste great but we loved that they labelled this as being “vegan”! It was light on acidity yet packed full flavour that made it perfect for a warm evening.

However, we also went ahead and sampled other options off their list to find some great new favourites; Harvey’s Brewery’s bitters were spicy without being too overwhelming while Brighton Gin is surprisingly sweet despite its high alcohol content. And if you’re looking for something bubbly to toast your big day then Ridgeview Bloomsbury sparkling wine won’t disappoint – there’s just enough sweetness in this one not only giving it

Pub Dishes

The Cleveland Arms has a great selection of small plates and bar food that is just as well-thought-out as the main menu. There is nothing I love more than their inventive twists on classics such as their salt pepper chicken wings and Barkham blue cheese dip, or their local chorizo and beans stew with focaccia! Just superb!

The chef is an expert at roasts and has perfected the traditional dish. Crispy roast potatoes, fresh vegetables, creamy gravy – you name it! The best part about this restaurant though? They use only local ingredients to ensure premium quality meat on your plate.

The Beer Can Free Range Chicken is highly recommended! With each bite, the meat crumbled in my mouth. I never knew chicken could taste so heavenly until now, served alongside hand-cut chips, and apple slaw.

The Cleveland Arms is at the top of my list of favourite places to eat in Brighton. The food is delicious, and they have a great selection on their menu – including vegan options! I loved that there were so many different drinks offered too- wine, beer, cocktails, coffee… everything you could ever want!



Restaurant Info

Award-winning traditional family-run pub overlooking Blakers Park in Brighton. Serving homemade locally sourced food, local real ales, fine wine and a warm welcome.

Website: https://www.clevelandarmsbrighton.co.uk/

Menu: https://www.clevelandarmsbrighton.co.uk/food-drink/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup

Address: Cleveland Hotel, Cleveland Rd, Brighton BN1 6FF

GPS: 50.8424196462214, -0.13860434603199784

Phone: 01273 502396

Email: info@clevelandarmsbrighton.co.uk


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Opening Times


Monday 11am–11pm
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11pm
Thursday 11am–11pm
Friday 11am–11:45pm
Saturday 11am–11:45pm
Sunday 11am–11pm