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The Copper Clam

The Copper Clam

The Copper Clam Brighton

Copper Clam Brighton is the perfect place to enjoy some of the freshest fish on its picturesque beachfront location, with a homely atmosphere that will make you feel right at home after your busy day.

With its stunning views of the beach and a menu full of fresh, high-quality dishes, Copper Clam Brighton is an excellent spot to stop for lunch or dinner after you’ve worked up your appetite.

With all these windows and incredible architecture, you feel like you’re at home in this upscale place with your friends or family members by the seaside.
The copper-fronted bar adds some flair to an already luxurious seating area that is perfect for lunch meetings after work (or r!).

The Menu

The shellfish menu is one of the best in town. You can’t beat a good lobster tail dinner with some crab legs and oysters on the side, but it’s even better if you have other seafood to choose from too!
They have mussels, scallops and king prawns thrown into this fabulous lineup so I’m sure there’ll be something for everyone at your table tonight.

The restaurant is committed to sourcing locally and sustainably, with their meat coming from Sussex farms.
You know you’re in for a good meal when the house wine comes as part of the set menu – your waiter will be happy to chat about it!

Other than seafood, this eclectic establishment has vegetarian dishes available as well; all are sourced locally or grown on-site at one of three sustainable farming projects they support.
If you order any kind of steak (aged fillet or ribeye), don’t forget that they offer wines made especially by local producers which come included in their menu!

Amazing Bar

When you’re looking for a place to have some drinks and coffee, Copper Clam is the perfect spot. They offer delicious gin, tonic or champagne among their many options on tap.
You can find good espresso here too if that’s not enough caffeine in one day!

This is a perfect place for a date night with your significant other. With award-winning brands of gin and wine, you’ll find everything to enjoy together.

The Copper Clam is a perfect family-friendly restaurant for anyone looking to experience quintessential British cuisine at its finest.

I’ve been looking for a place like this forever! The staff is so friendly and their service was impeccable. I had such an amazing meal at the best price, too.
You have to visit as soon as possible if you haven’t already- it’s one of those places everyone needs in their lives with all its charm!



Restaurant Info

Contemporary brick seafront restaurant serving locally sourced seafood with heated outdoor tables.

Website: http://www.thecopperclam.com/

Menu: http://www.thecopperclam.com/food

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: Kings Road Arches, 143-144, Brighton BN1 2FN

GPS: 50.82072739112237, -0.1457675153439993

Phone: 01273 323847

Email: enquiries@thecopperclam.com


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Opening Times


Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm
Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm
Friday 12–10pm
Saturday 12–10pm
Sunday 12–10pm