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The Walrus Brighton has just done something special and unique by reviving an old, classic pub.

The pub is rather interesting; it features a restaurant on the first floor with tables that can be used for those who want to eat in private or keep their conversations going uninterrupted while they dine.
The second level of the building houses both a roof garden/bar as well as what I presume must be some sort of concert venue because you could hear music coming from there when we arrived! It’s all so cool!

The Menu

This place is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to explore new dishes, soak up some sun with a pint of cold beer and share good times.

The menu has a wide variety of dishes, including pub classics such as burgers and pizza to more modern British fare like fish n chips or chicken curry.
If you need some Sunday brunch then I recommend their roast dinner! Not only are there plenty of options on both sides but they have them at prices that won’t break your bank account either!

The starter was a lot of food, and we loved the potted beef. The scotch eggs were also fantastic because they had chorizo and haggis, instead of sausage meat, which made them even better!

The next dish, rump steak with chips and green beans was my favourite. Firstly I loved the crispiness of both sides and how they contrasted each other so much in texture which made for a very satisfying mouthfeel.
And secondly, the flavours were outstanding – it’s hard to go wrong when you’ve got beef on one side, salt & pepper seasoning mixed into potatoes on another AND that delicious sauce too!

The desserts were the highlight of my night out. Baked Alaska was surprisingly light for a dessert that looks like it should be heavy, and I loved hearing about how they make their brownies from scratch in house!

Nice, Relaxing Pub

The Walrus pub is a beautiful venue that manages to be intimate and cosy. You can find booths, snugs, as well as Victorian styled décor with an open fire for those cold nights.
They have everything from classic beers to modern drinks at the bar thanks to their wide variety of options!

You will never want to leave this place. The atmosphere is perfect for a night out that includes some great pub food and drinks with friends, plus it’s the type of venue you can go into without feeling too dressed up.

I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with this place. The food is great and the decor’s fabulous! And even better – they have such a friendly staff working here too. They’re all so nice and helpful- it’ll be hard not to come back soon…


Restaurant Info

Sunday roasts & beer are presented in an elegant, traditional venue with a cheerful roof garden.

website: https://www.thewalrusbrighton.com/

Menu: https://www.thewalrusbrighton.com/eat/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · No takeaway

Address: 10 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AD

GPS: 50.821713604838834, -0.1421995

Phone: 01273 025749

Email: info@thewalrusbrighton.com


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Opening Times


Thursday 5pm–12am
Friday 4pm–2am
Saturday 12pm–2am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 5–11pm
Tuesday 5–11pm
Wednesday 5pm–12am