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Brighton’s Estia is just moments away from the i360 and the beach, that’s perfect for a romantic dinner after an exciting day exploring Brighton! It is a family-run, home-cooked Greek and Cypriot restaurant that has been operating for more than ten years.

It is also possible for Estia to cater for any outside event, such as birthdays, wedding receptions, family reunions, picnics, and parties!

The perfect restaurant experience takes you back to the Mediterranean coast sometime, where you can hear the gentle waves crashing in a small fishing village, snuggled in close to the laughter of families, surrounded by the smell of fresh fish and wine.
As weird as it sounds, I like to feel “at home” when eating ‘out’, just as much as I enjoy cooking, something is comforting about knowing you are dining on home-cooked food that has been made with love, even when eating in an unfamiliar setting.

One of a Kind

A homey dining environment is very hard to find in Brighton. However, Estia, coincidentally named after the Greek Goddess of domesticity, is a charming local Cypriot tavern that makes even a foreigner feel welcome.

We are very comfortable dining here because it’s just like eating at a friend’s house with Grandma cooking in the kitchen. It’s easier to relax in this space than in any other place within the city, thanks to its minimal décor to the cosy dining space and family-owned atmosphere. It’s easy to both eat and do nothing within these walls.

12 Years in the Business

Andreana and her husband Andy have been running Estia for 12 years, and the food is still as good as when they first started. Some might even argue that the food is better today than it was a decade ago. They may have taken on such a strong sense of hospitality as their genes have always been for food and hospitality. Since their early ages, both of them have helped their parents run their family-run food business and, at the same time, you will find their third generation of family helping serve food and chat with customers.
A dream Anatolian mélange cuisine influenced by both the Middle East and the Mediterranean has many merits that filter through to great fusion cuisine.

Traditional Cypriot dishes

Estia has a wide range of dishes that are typical Cypriot, such as vegetarian moussaka, dolmades, stifado (rich beef stew), and kleftiko (braised lamb shoulder). Served with every main dish, our extensive and completely prepared potato chips are used in conjunction with an authentic Estia Village Salad to complement the flavorful fish and meat dishes.

Locally-Sourced, Fresh Ingredients

As I knew there was a rice side available from another Estia favourite and I was so impressed I thought I’d spy on the recipe from the Chef, sneaking out the ingredients hidden in the recipe. A memorable meal for me leaves me curious and puzzled about all the ingredients and unconventional additions.
There’s stuff in there, cardamom pods, cinnamon, and probably tomato essence.


Fast and Friendly Service

There was excellent food available and the service was superb. Kefdedakia (homemade meatball) and crispy calamari were our favourites. It is worth noting that both dishes were very generous and the fact that they were served together may have led us to re-think our main menu choices, as we were not going to forgo dessert.
In addition to the straightforward menu of home-style main courses and Cypriot classics, there were fish dishes on offer, including seabream and swordfish.

The Best Homemade Desserts

Having more than enough food and having let some belt buttons dangle from our waist a little, we made our way to dessert. Upon entering the tavern, my dining companion made it quite clear that he was committed to the dessert he had been eyeing for some time. Hence, we ordered the traditional galataporeko dessert served with fresh cream and lemon sorbet, which served as both a palate cleanser and an option suitable for my waistline.
For another extremely sweet treat, try baklava which is sticky and gooey, as well as Greek creamy yoghurt with honey, perfect for your sweet tooth.




Restaurant Info

Simple, homestyle meze and Mediterranean dishes served in a cheerful, unpretentious setting.

website: http://www.estia-brighton.com/

Menu: http://www.estia-brighton.com/new-page-2

Cost: £££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway

Address: 3 Hampton Pl, Brighton BN1 3DA

GPS: 50.82510251001132, -0.15079581534399927

Phone: 01273 777399

Email: estia@hotmail.co.uk


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Thursday 6–11pm
Friday 6–11pm
Saturday 6–11pm
Sunday Closed
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Tuesday 6–11pm
Wednesday 6–11pm