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It’s fascinating to see how different pizzas taste from place to place you might not have expected.
The Brighton pizza scene has been a joy for me and my friend over the last year or so, which is why it wasn’t too surprising when we found ourselves at NuPosto – with more than enough choice available now, our expectations were high!

I’ve always loved pizza. I love how you can tell if it’s really good just by looking at the crust, and whether or not they got that thing with cheese in there right.
But sometimes it’s hard to find a place where people know what they’re doing when it comes to making this kind of food, so Nuposto on West Street is my favourite for date nights because no matter what time we go, this restaurant has everything going for them – especially their incredible thin-crust pizzas!

Nuposto Brighton offers patrons all they could ask for when looking for authenticity as well as traditional Napoli dining experiences.


To top off these delicious dishes, everything is made fresh twice per day by chefs trained in southern Italian cuisine – just one sign this restaurant focuses on quality over quantity.
The whole staff works together at providing each customer a memorable meal time after time because here everyone does eat family style!

Cool Interior

When we walked in, it was impossible to miss the space. With high ceilings and plenty of tables scattered around you could see all over the restaurant with ease.
The decor is also something that stands out here too- blues and whites as far as your eye can see!
The place is also quite charming inside, with ads for authentic Italian football shirts dangling from chandeliers above us, or chalkboards, which contain phrases such as “Buon Appetito,” so hungry customers can read them while they eat their meals.

NuPosto Brighton Menu

The menu is straightforward and simple, with hand-printed menus on a half sheet of paper. Everything from pizza to salads is available for a hungry customer.
They’re using awesome ingredients in their recipes, including dough that’s made by an authentic recipe right at this joint!

The garlic bread was so soft and chewy with a crispy base. It made for the perfect appetizer while we waited on our other dishes to arrive.
Our waiter gave us some complimentary chips, which were also delicious!
The Napoli pizza came next with its spicy salami slices topped off by green olives and capers in a tomato sauce that even my mom would approve of.
My favourite dish is the Vesuvio- it’s got fresh chillies covered in mozzarella cheese melted over top -wow this stuff really packs an attitude!

Italian Dessert Time

We wanted to go out in true Italian style and so we decided to try out their Tiramisu to finish the evening.

It’s a classic dessert that people around here are huge fans of and it was something I couldn’t turn down!

Salame Cioccolato is a must try- it’s something you don’t want to miss! The chocolate and broken biscuit combination with vanilla gelato were absolutely amazing.
A great dish that can be enjoyed by anyone whether they are vegan, gluten-free or not because of its simple yet delicious ingredients.

Both of us left Nuposto feeling totally contented with how satisfying everything is – from the service to the atmosphere.
When you come here, you get lost in this cool place where anything goes because while dining on such good cuisine (I mean seriously), who wants to go anywhere else? And besides, we were so full by then anyways….




Restaurant Info

Italian restaurant & bar with a graffitied interior serving authentic oven-cooked Neapolitan pizza.

website: https://www.nuposto.com/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 14 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RE

GPS: 50.82159118936697, -0.14469314603199787

Phone: 01273 705686

Email: info@nuposto.com


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Opening Times


Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 12–11pm
Sunday 12–10pm
Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm
Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm