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A Taste Of Sahara

A Taste Of Sahara The long-running Brighton ethnic restaurant has undergone an amazing revamp, transforming A Taste of Sahara into an enchanting oasis with luxurious...

Erpingham House

Erpingham House Erpingham House Brighton has just opened its doors to the public, and is now open for business! The first, based entirely around vegan...

Morelli Zorelli

Morelli Zorelli If you are feeling famished after taking in the sights of The Old Market, then look no farther than Morelli Zorelli. Using artisan...

Woodbox Pizza

Woodbox Pizza   When I first moved to Brighton, the only pizza available was from Pizza Hut or Dominos. But now, there are a lot of...

Cherry Tree Cafe

Cherry Tree Cafe   What’s not to love about a day at the Cherry Tree Cafe in Brighton Marina? The atmosphere is inviting and warm, but...