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Woodbox Pizza


When I first moved to Brighton, the only pizza available was from Pizza Hut or Dominos. But now, there are a lot of options that I could just spend my entire life sampling all the different varieties! It’s so hard to choose which one is best.

We went to Naples and liked the pizza there…a lot. So, we learn’t how to make a lot of the pizza that we liked a lot so that you lot could like it a lot too.

I’m looking forward to Woodbox. It’s in Kemptown, and it’s nice; the design and decor are perfect for me; white background with lots of blue accents. I love how much attention they put into everything from plates to cutlery-makes it worth going there!


The menu should be enough because there are about six pizzas-and just some starters too if you’re hungry or want something light on your stomach before lunchtime kicks off. This place can’t disappoint!

Woodbox Pizzeria Brighton is a jewel secreted away in Kemptown. Don’t miss out on this local gem!


Authentic Pizza

Woodbox Pizza Brighton is an unassuming pizzeria that you would never guess was anything other than your average pizza joint. The team there make authentic Neapolitan pizzas with fresh quality ingredients, and they always ensure the end product meets high standards before serving it up to their customers.  That’s why every customer here will be served a great tasting slice of heaven in less time than expected!

In addition to gluten, dairy, meat, and light options, they also have vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian options available on their menu!





I love the earthy feel of this restaurant. In the woodfired oven, the pizza cooks at extremely high temperatures to seal in flavour and deliver the perfect bit of char, which is a necessary element of any good pizza.

The Woodbox team is committed to providing quality food and drinks, with local suppliers. Their pizza is paired with the best wines from Butler’s Wine Cellar in Brighton.

Woodbox is a restaurant where you can kick back and enjoy your food. They offer wonderful service, great prices for delicious meals, yummy desserts and many other tempting dishes to tempt any appetite.

It’s always nice when customers feel well taken care of at this establishment- their staff will go out of their way to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience here!





Restaurant Info

Authentic Napoli Style Pizza in the heart of our Kemptown neighbourhood.

Website: https://www.woodboxpizza.com/

Menu: https://www.woodboxpizza.com/menu

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery

Address: 1 Paston Pl, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1HR

Phone: 01273 674004

GPS: 50.817700456741555, -0.11908561534399928

Email: hello@woodboxpizza.com

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Opening Times

Friday 5–10pm
Saturday 5–10pm
Sunday 5–9pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10pm
Wednesday 5–10pm
Thursday 5–10pm