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The Joker Brighton

The Joker Brighton is an amazing pub that’s located in Preston Circus. The restaurant sits near New England Street which has many creative hubs as well as iconic buildings like the Duke of York Picturehouse and the beautiful Preston Park.
If you’re looking to have some laughs with your friends while also experiencing something new then this place will be perfect for you!

A more recent reincarnation of the pub took place in 2014 when it became The Joker. The chefs from Lost Boys Chicken run the kitchen, headed by Tom who started his street food venture with a food truck in Shoreditch.

The Joker is the perfect pub for any time of day. On weekdays, they offer a great chicken lunch special that’s ideal for catching up with friends during your midday break! The food never disappoints and their drinks are always on point as well.
They also cater to large groups so if you’re looking for a place where everyone will feel welcome, this should be at the top of your list

Lost Boys Chicken

Nostalgic locals and tourists alike will find their way to this watering hole for a satisfying meal of New York-style chicken wings, burgers and sides.
A variety of their sauces create a dish that you cannot get enough of, and they’re certainly addictive!
You’ll be in heaven after eating here. It is hands down the best food you can get here. Those who enjoy getting messy should try this!

In addition to the chicken wings, celery sticks and blue cheese sauce are also served. The chicken burger is called a sandwich and is bigger, nastier, a better deal.

The Lost Boys’ vegan nuggets are a spicy, crunchy take on the classic chicken wing. With six pieces of spiced and breaded aubergine in each basket, these tasty morsels will have your taste buds saying “holy crap”!
And we haven’t even gotten to their innovative signature sandwiches!

A Great Pub!

The Cocktail Lounge is an oasis. When you’re upstairs, it’s not as loud or crowded which makes for a nice change in pace from partying all night long!
The venue hosts private parties of up to 40 people with plush velvet couches, large windows overlooking Preston Circus, and classic cocktails on their menu that will give you some time to escape reality without going too far away from your friends’ party below.

You can also play games and watch TV in the Games Room for your private parties. Just pack a few friends, grab some snacks and drinks from our bar lounge area, then head to the Game’s room!

The Joker is Brighton’s best spot for those in the know. From cocktail creations to craft beers, there are things for every taste here and that extends into their great selection of wines!
The staff has been especially friendly so you can feel comfortable coming back time after time without feeling like a stranger.








Pub Info

Buzzy pub with retro, gin palace-inspired decor, plus regular live music and DJs.

website: https://www.mesmerist.pub/

Menu: https://www.mesmerist.pub/food

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: 1-3 Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HE

GPS: 50.821632094360986, -0.1406148693188195

Phone: 01273 328542

Email: hello@mesmerist.pub


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Opening Times


Wednesday 12pm–12am
Thursday 12pm–12am
Friday 12pm–2am
Saturday 12pm–2am
Sunday 12–11pm
Monday 4pm–12am
Tuesday 4pm–12am