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The Wardroom & Mess Deck

The Wardroom & Mess Deck

The Wardroom & Mess Deck

The days get longer every day, the clouds start to disappear and summer is coming like an old friend. There are no better places in England than Brighton right now!
The sun shines across the Channel as it gets closer and people from both locals of tourists flock down to the beach looking for a great spot where they can chill out with their friends while enjoying this beautiful weather.

With a fresh new look and a revamped menu, the Old Ship Hotel is ready to welcome visitors into its bosom. With open windows overlooking Brighton’s promenade, its restaurant, the Wardroom Brighton, formerly Steak On Sea restaurant offers quality service in an upscale environment with all-day dining options for any time of day.

I can’t wait to try the new menu, I’m so excited. They’ve got a lot of really interesting dishes on there from lamb rump to grilled oyster mushrooms and chalk stream trout- it seems like all their ingredients are locally sourced too!
It’s an awesome idea that this menu will evolve as seasons come along for everything they offer are fresh and tasty every time you visit them.


Fresh Offers at Wardroom Brighton

The Wardroom, Brighton’s elegant restaurant with a bar that serves breakfast and lunch. You can enjoy an early morning eggs benedict for £10 or afternoon tea overlooking the sea views of this coastal city.





This is the perfect spot for an early morning breakfast before a day of exploring on your own. You can enjoy some fantastic views while you grab something to eat, or if that’s not enough there are always plenty of options in town!

This place is also an amazing spot for some laid-back lunch. You could go with a classic soup, like something hearty and creamy that screams “fall” (I recommend their pumpkin bisque) or you can try out one of their vegetable medleys if you need lighter fare.
I am partial to these dishes since they are not too heavy on my stomach but still have enough flavour to satisfy me!

The new food menu has been transformed into a fresh take on British food. Traditional in spirit, yet enriched with an array of international flavours, the kitchen has been allowed to unleash its creativity and explore new cooking methods.


The selection is so diverse. From fresh soups to vegetable medleys, they all have their unique flavours and menu items that will leave your mouth watering in anticipation of what’s next!





A fine dining restaurant and relaxed bar located within The Old Ship hotel on Brighton’s iconic seafront.


The Mess Deck Bar

The Mess Deck bar is a great spot for some summertime drinks. They pride themselves on wine and cocktails, with the perfect location just steps from the sea. The cocktail menu leans towards fruity fresh flavours that pair nicely with their view of people watching!

They also have a lighter menu with tapas-style dishes for lunch. Their four plates £15 sun-inspired tapa offer is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine and sample light, shareable food.

The food is undeniably delicious, the location of The Wardroom Brighton can’t be beaten for its view and ambience. With delightful decor, this restaurant goes beyond what you would expect from an ordinary spot!


Restaurant/Bar Info

In the heart of the Old Ship Hotel lies The Wardroom restaurant offering a fine dining experience, and The Mess Deck Bar and Terrace offering a more casual dining experience.

Website: https://www.oldshipbrighton.co.uk/wardroom-mess-deck/

Menu: https://www.oldshipbrighton.co.uk/wardroom-mess-deck/eat/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

Address: Old Ship Hotel, 32-38 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 1NR

GPS: 50.82030656796677, -0.14185513068799854

Phone: 01273 329001

Email: reservations@oldshipbrighton.co.uk

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Opening Times

Monday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8:30pm
Tuesday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8:30pm
Wednesday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8:30pm
Thursday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8pm
Friday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8pm
Saturday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8pm
Sunday 7:30–10:30am, 2–4pm, 6–8pm