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V&H Café is loved by many foodies at the moment, and it’s easy to see why, with all their delicious pastries and sandwiches! I love this place. I usually come here for a quick coffee and to catch up with my friends when we’re all in the area because they have great food, good service, and are helpful – everyone seems super friendly!


From the perfect espresso to a silky smooth scrambled egg, they have it all. All of their ingredients and products are sourced locally through independent suppliers who know everything about what’s best in your area – like being masters at what you do!


Exciting Breakfast and Brunch Menus

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there are many options to choose from at V&H. They have homemade granola with Greek yoghurt, honey, breakfast muffins for a sweet start in your morning or eggs Florentine if you’re more on the savoury side!
If it’s baked goods that get you going then they also offer freshly-baked pastries alongside their delicious fresh beans.

The brunch menu boards are a sight to behold. You’ll find the latest and greatest in culinary creations, from traditional British flavours with an international twist to all-new dishes that will take your taste buds on their very own trip around the world while still retaining the authenticity of time-honoured classics.

A Lot of Food for All Kinds of Diets

A gluten-free diet eliminates the protein found in wheat, rye and barley because they are so closely related to each other.
But there are still plenty of options at this restaurant no matter what your dietary restrictions may be.
For example, nearly everything on their menu can easily adapt with some substitutions here or there–it doesn’t get any better than that!

I was impressed with how much selection they had! They have gluten-free cakes, vegan recipes, traditional pastries like pies and sausage rolls – just about anything you could ask for if your diet is restricted in some way.

Best of all? It’s not a health food store that smells like vinegar or soy sauce…it smelled good because it has so many delicious treats on display!

Best Coffee and Tea

Their baristas are as experienced and knowledgeable about coffee as any in Brighton. It’s not just the impressive quality of their beans that makes V and H stand out, it also means they have a teas master on staff to help make matcha green tea with all its health benefits or herbal infusions like peppermint-infused black iced tea!

The best part? They’re open for late-night drinks so you can come by after work when your boss is gone but still want an amazing caffeine fix to keep going through the evening.

Impressive Cafe

The interior of this place is nice. It doesn’t feel like it’s themed for the beach, but some things make you think about sitting on a hammock and looking out over ocean waves.

Service here has always been great – friendly without being intrusive or fakely cheerful in any way at all, which I’ve seen happen sometimes with other places where they’re trying to upsell everything (they seem to get their regulars well-trained!).

The quality of food seems good as well; can’t fault them anywhere else either. Easily the nicest cafe in town!


Cafe Info

Modern cafe offering breakfast, brunch & lunch plus coffee drinks, teas, juices, cakes & sandwiches.

Website: https://vhcafe.co.uk/

Menu: https://vhcafe.co.uk/our-menu/

Cost: ££

Service options: Takeaway · No delivery

Address: 63B Holland Rd, Hove BN3 1BA

GPS: 50.826699654128944, -0.16163461534399928

Phone: 01273 321147

Email: hollandroad@live.co.uk

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Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9:30am–2pm
Thursday 9:30am–2pm
Friday 9:30am–2pm
Saturday 9:30am–2pm
Sunday 9:30am–2pm