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Wahaca Brighton

The Wahaca Brighton restaurant is a great place to celebrate with friends or family. The menu has delicious food and cocktails that all taste amazing. It’s the perfect spot for date night, too!

I love this place! It’s so lively and fun here, with a mix of bright colours. There are graphics everywhere and there is even art on the walls from Mexican artist Mazatl.
I like that they support creatives in each location by having their own local artists join them to make these spaces all unique – it shows how much care went into creating such an awesome space for people who want to have some good times while dining or just hanging out after work!



The Menu

The menu at Wahaca Brighton is a mix of all the usual Mexican food, including burritos, tostadas and quesadillas. They also have guacamole on tap as well as churros!
The most delicious thing I tried was their Pasilla chicken tacos that had good smoke from the chargrill and pleasantly spicy habanero salsa with a soft tortilla topped off by crunchy radish slices or salad leaves for some extra texture.

I could have eaten all day long. The steak in the tacos was beautifully tender and I loved how simple it tasted with just a hint of spice. Plus, you can’t beat some good Mexican food!
Empanadas are my favourite dish and these looked like a work of art! They had an earthy mushroom and sweetcorn filling with crispy pastry.

And, there’s no denying the deliciousness of churros. They’re light and crisp, dipped in chocolate and caramel sauce…you can’t go wrong with these!




Sustainable Ingredients

When it comes to delicious food, Wahaca strives for the best of both worlds. They provide dishes with fresh and sustainable ingredients!
The commitment to sustainability is also very important: for seafood, the highest accreditation of sustainability is put in place and all meat comes from British producers with high welfare standards.

If you’re looking for a taste that’s truly one-of-a-kind then this is your place. Not only does their warm staff welcome each customer but also offers recommendations on what dish would be perfect based on your needs or preferences!


The drinks are great! The large bar area is perfect for those who drop in to drink, nibble on snacks and play foosball.
I had a really good Margarita made with hibiscus tea which was refreshingly pretty as well as my gin and tonic from the long list of cocktails they offer here.
They have fresh pressed juices too – Mexican beer, excellent tequila choices.
All their 100% blue agave tequilas taste incredible but you HAVE TO get your hands on some Mezcal since it’s so smooth yet smoky tasting.


We had a great time at Wahaca! The drinks were strong, the food is amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing – we couldn’t have asked for more.
I think it might be my favourite Mexican place in Brighton, especially because of how authentic they are.

Restaurant Info

Mexican restaurant with a lively soundtrack for small plates of market-style food & cocktails.

Website: https://www.wahaca.co.uk/locations/brighton/

Menu: https://www.wahaca.co.uk/mexican-menu-full/

Cost: ££

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery

Address: 160 – 161 North St, Brighton BN1 1EZ

GPS: 50.82293397615044, -0.1400443306879986

Phone: 01273 934763

Email: brighton@wahaca.co.uk

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Opening Times

Friday 12–10pm
Saturday 12–10pm
Sunday 12–10pm
Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm
Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm